Cardiff Castle: Photojourney



I was finishing off my blog post on the ‘See Wales’ Sunday experience as part of the Traverse 16 weekend, re-sizing my images and I didn’t realise how many photos I had accumulated of Cardiff Castle. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed walking around and taking it all in whilst I was there.

It was first thing on a Sunday morning, I was first through the gates and I enjoyed an hour of peace and calm – all in the middle of a big city. So bizarre!

So, before publishing my piece on the amazing day that I had, I just wanted to share a collection of some of the photos I took of the Castle before setting off with the other bloggers for my day out:

(click on any image to flick through the slideshow)




Have you been to Cardiff Castle? What did you think? What other great castles are there I could visit?

Author: Sus

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  • I have never been to Cardiff before, but it is high on my list. Even more so after seeing these photos.

    • Sus

      It was never on my list to visit if I’m honest, but I had such a great time I can’t wait to go back! 🙂

  • I really like castles and this one looks good! You’ve given me a reason to visit Cardiff!

    • Sus

      I love that this is right in the middle of the City, it’s very cool 🙂