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Happy New Year!!

It’s finally here, we’ve said goodbye to 2016 and I can now get excited for a fresh start and year ahead. In between working, volunteering and seeing friends and family I spent the last week having a complete detox in the house. Mo and I cleared through all the excess we have accumulated in our lives and have passed things on to those who need them more.

We want a fresh start for us both.

So… what lies ahead??




I’m heading to Yangon this month to join a tour with Intrepid travel and discover the beauty of Myanmar. A trip that originally I was in two minds about (more on that later) but now everything has been finalised and I will soon be taking my first Cathay Pacific flight East where I hope to discover sights, sounds and tastes of Burmese culture.


View point in Myanmar

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I had never heard of Flaine, had not the foggiest idea where it was (I now know it’s in France). But after a fantastically fun session at Chill factore in Manchester with Crystal Ski Holidays, I managed to win a trip for my fantastic four crew and I to FINALLY go on our first ever ski trip!!! So to Flaine we shall go!!


snow in Flaine, France

Image taken from Crystal Ski Holidays



I go to London quite a bit, but this year Traverse has decided to pick London as it’s host city and they’re going all out with a week of organised events. One of my favourite blogger hangouts in one of my favourite cities. What’s not to be excited about??




No year is complete without a trip to see the niece and nephew in Stockholm. It feels like ages since we were last there and Mo and I are both feeling some serious withdrawal sypmtoms, we miss Fika! Think we’ll start looking for those flights asap…



Ben Nevis part 3

Despite the name, we’re not headed to Ben Nevis for a third time, this is simply what our yearly family trip has been titled. First year Ben Nevis, second year Saltburn by the Sea and this year Mo and I are taking charge and I know my dad will be reading this so I’m afraid I can’t divulge the location just yet, but it’s basically somewhere in the UK where we can all be together as a family and enjoy a mini break.


So thats whats on my to do list. What’s on the wish list? Well as usual, plenty!



For years and years Mo and I have talked about visiting Turkey with our dear friends. Istanbul gets a lot of bad press at the minute as they seem to be caught in some of the Middle East cross fire but it hasn’t put us off wanting to go, perhaps 2017 will finally be the year we do.


sunset over Istanbul

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It looks so beautiful! I mean just look at it…


blue lagoon iceland

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Nice no?



Everyone raves about Italy but I’ve never been. I’m not really sure where in Italy I’d like to go, but it could be nice to venture that-a way and try some of my favourite dishes in their home country.


image of Italy, Venezia at sunset

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And I haven’t really had the chance to think about anything else, well not yet anyway 😉


I am just looking forward to looking forward and I am determined to make this year the best one yet. I have a number of other life goals that I am also determined to accomplish. I want to take the charity work I do for others up another notch and have some other exciting changes I’m working on too which I hope to share at some point.

So first up, Yangon! and I have two weeks to get packed, sorted and prepped for my trip. Any tips, please please send them my way…


What have you got planned for 2017? 


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  • When you come over for Traverse we’ll have to organise a drink!

    • Sus

      ooh definitely!! home turf for you 🙂 would be great to put a real-life-face to a blog x

  • I am so excited about your trip to Myanmar – it’s one of those places that holds a lot of mystery and intrigue for me, and I’m so interested in the culture! A friend of mine went a few years ago and had a terrific, eye-opening time. Happy New Year!

    • Sus

      aww me too! Although I feel a bit unprepared at the moment eek! I shall be hunting down blog posts this weekend. Happy new year to you too hun! Hope it’s filled with lots of travel-related fun 🙂 x

  • You should definitely visit Italy! It’s my favourite place in Europe and the food is just to die for! My favourite places are the Cinque Terre and of course Florence and Venice are beautiful. Hope you get to go 🙂

    • Sus

      I knoooow I really hope I can make it there some time soon! I must admit the food is what is drawing me in…

  • I’m dreaming of Iceland too

    • Sus

      seems to be on most lists this year!

  • London’s always a great idea! happy 2017! #travellinkup

    • Sus

      Isn’t it just 🙂 can’t wait to se what other UK destinations you have in mind for this years travel x

  • Oh wow, the ski trip sounds amazing! Let me know if you need any tips or help with anything, I’m going to Solden in Austria with Crystal on Saturday 🙂 xx

    • Sus

      oh I will most definitely hold you to that! Have a fab time on your trip, I’ll no doubt be blog-stalking you for tips and tricks 🙂

  • Italy looks beautiful 🙂 Amsterdam is on my list to visit too.

    • Sus

      plenty of halal places to eat apparently in Amsterdam too 🙂

  • Great post. I love that your family has a name for its annual trip. And I would recommend Florence as your point of call for Italy. Definitely Florence.

    • Sus

      Thanks hun, Florence seems to be a firm favourite. I will definitely take that advice xxx

  • I second Erin with Florence for your trip to Italy, and from there you can explore the beautiful Tuscan countryside and wine region too…perfection!

    Polly xx

    • Sus

      that famous Tuscan countryside *sigh* think I need to seriously start looking into this…

  • I was like ‘wow look at them climbing Ben Nevis for the third time!’ haha!
    I loved Rome when we went last year ..well 2015… it was special and wonderful! I think that next time I want to visit Tuscany more, it seems better in my mind. Rome felt so touristy and I never fully felt away from any of that. Also the food disappointed me a little bit 🙁

    • Sus

      haha Ben Nevis just the once was more than enough!! I have heard Rome can be a bit overpriced, Tuscany definitely seems to be the favourite for visiting. (and 2015 still feels like last year to me!!)

  • Love your list. Iceland just keeps coming up on so many wishlists and I can see why. My husband is really eager to go too 🙂

    • Sus

      I know I noticed that too, seems to be super popular at the moment. nature at its finest xxx

  • I’m the same with you about Turkey – Everytime I want to go some political affair stirs the cup =/ Then again, if not now when? Fingers crossed!

    And I hope you get to visit Italy! I’ve just revisited Rome after 10 years and I fell in love with the city!

    • Sus

      exactly, sometimes you just need to bite the bullet 🙂 I hope I get to visit Italy too! I bet you saw a big difference after ten years… I’ll have to check out your blog for any tips x

  • Oh my gosh Myanmar – can’t wait to see how this trip goes!

  • I got married in Italy (Tuscany) a few years ago and it’s my favourite country in Europe – you must go visit!! I’m actually moving back home to Manchester in a couple of months so we’ll have to catch up in person! Also I’m going to Myanmar at the beginning of March so I can’t wait to hear all about your tips! xx

    • Sus

      Awww how lovely, a wedding in Tuscany? That must have been beautiful!!! I will def look out for when you move back to Manch, we’ll have to meet up!!!