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24 hours in Rotterdam

December 6, 2016



I was um-ing and ah-ing for weeks on whether or not to write something for the 24 hours in Accor hotels competition. They were asking bloggers and vloggers to put together a post on what they would do if they had 24 hours in their favourite city. I really struggled to think, not of what to write, but what city I would choose?!?

And then, somehow I woke up this morning with this crazy idea in my head. It was a crazy idea that had already happened in my dream. I could hear myself reading out my blog post in my head, but I couldn’t make out the words!! So sure I had missed the deadline, I brushed it aside but then up popped on twitter a tweet warning that the deadline was TOMORROW. I hadn’t missed it. So I spent the rest of the day racking my brains trying to piece together what I had dreamt. It’s not exactly a city guide bursting with tips and tricks – but it highlights my favourite sites in one of my favourite cities… and I stuck a Christmas twist in there, just like my mind originally imagined.

So here it is…

OH WAIT before you start, can I ask that you imagine you are reading ‘the night before Christmas’ and keep that same tone, I actually wanted to vlog this entry but alas, time is of the essence! So I’m asking you to use a wee bit of imagination instead- don’t worry you got this… 


Twas the month before Christmas. as I looked round the house,
souvenirs all around, some small like a mouse,



Wood carvings, paintings, then a spot that was bare,
I sat back in my seat and thought ,’what’s missing from there?’




I walked up to my map that hangs on the wall,
Which destination was my favourite, my most favourite of all?




The one that sticks out from this year alone,
Was Rotterdam in the Netherlands, so lovely and warm,

In March of this year, we went on a whim,
No ideas of what to do, our expectations were slim,



But we loved what we found, a welcome embrace,
From the Dutch, our new friends, with so smiley a face,

Cubed houses, Euromast and then the Erasmus Bridge,
There’s so much to do, no boredom – not a smidge



To Kinderdijk we went, passing Noah’s famous ark
Then we gently took a stroll through a small peaceful park,



The windmills we saw were as amazing as we thought,
And incredibly delicious the poffertjes we bought,



Talking of food, there’s no shortage of choice,
We ate so much of it then sang with one voice



How much we loved Rotterdam, our new favourite place,
A picture of our trip will fill that small space



And so ends our rhyme of this trip we loved most
And we dream of the next time, The Netherlands will be our host.





This post was written as an entry to the Accor Hotels 24 hours in… blogger/vlogger competition, you can see some of the other great entries by searching the hashtag – #AccorHotels24hrs – (there are some real goodies!) Of course as usual, all the writing and rhyming is straight from the heart of Jet Set Chick and genuinely was inspired completely by a dream!! 🙂


So that just leaves me to ask… what would you do if you had 24 hours in your favourite city?


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