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3 great ways to get fit in Greater Manchester

September 2, 2016

3great ways to get fit


These days there are absolutely no excuses when it comes to finding ways of getting fit (I really must keep telling myself that!). I know in my home town Manchester there is an abundance of varied activities, all offering a different type of workout to help you hit that target goal, get ready for the hols or simply improve your wellbeing.

Over the last few months I’ve trialled a number of activities and I thought I’d share three of my favourite places to join that isn’t you’re run of the mill gym:


Intensive HIT at the Lean Body Project

When I first arrived at the gym in Houldsworth Mill Stockport, I was a little bit intimidated. Watching the class it looked pretty intense and I was a bit reluctant, I didn’t think I was anywhere near ready to put myself through that!

It wasn’t until I started talking to the members afterwards that I realised, it’s not as bad as it seems. HIT is a concept that is increasing in popularity, mainly because it is the perfect program for people who are limited with time. Mums, dads, full time workers… it can be really hard to set aside hours in the day to indulge in exercise. The lean body project specialise in 30 minute high intensity sessions, which are designed to push you to the limit and help you HIT your targets (like what I did there?).



Get Fierce with the Fierce Female trainers

Based in Manchester city centre, just off Portland street, Fierce Fit is the only female-focused personal training service available in Manchester. These ladies have created specific fitness programmes that work with our female form and are perfectly suited for those not wanting to make extreme lifestyle changes.

Their studio offers private and group training classes – BUT the piece de resistance here is you can team them up with therapy sessions – yes this includes massage (MASSAGE?!? – definitely more my thing!) Fierce believe that its vital to remain pain-free and tend to your body to maximise its performance. So alongside the strenuous routines they put you through, you will also have access to physiotherapy, massage and Pilates to help relax those muscles.



Work on that cardio with Bhangracise

Just before summer kicked in I was invited to try out a Bhangracise class on the fabulous terrace at Scene in Spinningfields. The class was hosted by Rajeev who runs weekly sessions held in Chorlton and Stretford. I had no idea what to expect from the class (apart from knowing I’d be no good as my coordination SUCKS) so when we all lined up and the cameraman from Manchester Evening News started pointing his camera at us…. I was not sure how much I’d enjoy this.

What did I know eh, the class was immensely fun! and WOW you need a lot of endurance to get through a Bhangra routine, it takes some serious energy. Having the music pumping and being surrounded by Scene’s beautiful Indian interiors made it a real experience. Rajeev led our group of beginners with ease and we all had a real laugh, there were even passer-by’s who decided to join in it was that good!


Image by Sean Hanford, from Manchester Evening News Website

Image by Sean Hanford, from Manchester Evening News Website


But of course, if all else fails, and you’ve run out of time or money. Stick a pair of these on (maybe not the socks! LOL):




And hit the road.


Wow I seriously need to start listening to what I’m writing and start fulfilling my training goals!!! Ok if you are reading this tonight can you please send me an abusive message tomorrow (within reason) if I don’t partake in any exercise by the end of the day? you have my full permission. Much appreciated!


What forms of exercise inspire you to get fit?


** Thank you to LBP, Fierce Fit and Scene for inviting me along to participate and chat about all the different fitness options available. I have tried a number of exercise classes over the summer and these were amongst my favourites. All opinions are of course my own. 

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