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The Best Breakfast in all of Barcelona

January 21, 2016

It was our final day in Barcelona and as we didn’t have a jam packed schedule we decided to head out for a luxury brunch.

Now I can’t take credit for this find… this was all Mo. We headed off in search of a place called ‘Brunch & Cake,’ a branch of the ‘Cup & Cake’ chain (Barcelona-based).

It was about a half hour’s walk from our apartment in the Gothic quarter and we were a little shocked to find we had to add our names to the waiting list on arrival. There isn’t even anywhere to wait really, a few benches on the street, but they were already occupied by couples and groups waiting their turn – just like us!?! I wouldn’t normally hang around this long for food so early in the day, but given the amount of people that had showed up and were happy to stand outside, I was convinced there must be a good reason.

This place had to be good.

Our name was finally called and we were given a seat in the corner of this very tiny corner-plot café. If you want one of the people-watching window benches, there is an extra charge but we were happy to take the first seat offered to us. We were perched on two stools around a table that could just about fit two plates and there was hardly any space between us and the other diners.

This place had better be good.

There was a real mix of foreigners and locals and the whole place was buzzing like it was a Saturday night. I loved the interiors. SO white and clean, homely, it was English kitchen-mixed with-Scandinavian simplicity. Perfectly placed plants and lots of bare wood.

Menu arrived and we both struggled to decide on what to eat, there was a great choice available. It was all so different, so unusual, so unfair that we wouldn’t be able to return and sample all the options.

Mo decided on the eggs benedict with salmon on a waffle and I chose warm brie cheese, caramelised onion and strawberry sandwich with poached eggs, potatoes and tomato salad.


This place was REALLY GOOD.




Their philosophy is to make everything with great care, respect and passion, this is definitely evident from every dish we saw coming out of that kitchen. They were like works of art, but most importantly the combination of the random locally sourced ingredients that each dish boasted worked well.

Now back in the UK, their menu works as our breakfast bible. We try to recreate some of the dishes at home, obviously not to the same standard but hey, we try our best.

I’ve yet to find anywhere with a morning menu as original as Brunch & Cake and I think if Mo and I return to Barcelona (which we fully intend to do) I’m sure this will be one of our first, rather than last stops.


Brunch & Cake, 19, Carrer Enric Granados, 19, 08007 Barcelona


Have your tried any of the other Cup & Cake Shops? Or is there anywhere else in the city offering a stand out breakfast?

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