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Abu Dhabi #top3tips

March 21, 2016

A lot of my ideas and projects are usually initiated or expanded on with the help of my dad. And this post just happens to be one of those I’ve decided to nick from him (he’s my dad, he won’t mind).

Recently when putting together a spreadsheet to help guide us on the religious holiday we were headed for, he decided to approach friends and family who had been and ask them for their top three tips. A simple, genius idea which I instantly knew I wanted to adopt.

Amended the concept slightly… I’ve decided to collect my top three tips from locals I come across whilst travelling – a great way not only to get good on the ground tips, but also to engage with new people.

So without further a-do, here are the #top3tips I collected from Abu Dhabi:


Lorraine - Abu Dhabi

1. If you want to take the kids out for a day, they would definitely have lots more fun at Yas Water Park than they would at Ferrari world. Ferrari world is generally aimed at the ‘big kids’ in the group, the ones who are into the Ferrari brand. If you’re not, 250AED (approx. 50quid) is a bit much to be spending on a theme park, which won’t really take up a whole day.

2. There’s lots of fun to be had at Yas Marina. Perfect for anyone into or wanting to try out watersports such as wake surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking. You can also charter mini cruises to take you out for the day.

3. Everybody who comes to Abu Dhabi has to make a trip out to see the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. I would recommend going to see it at night – in fact everything in Abu Dhabi should be seen at night, it’s cooler and everything feels so much more magical.


Family Friend - Abu Dhabi

1. One of our favourite places to go with the kids on the weekend is the beach! The Corniche is perfect for walkers, cyclists and there are plenty of spots to enjoy a picnic or marvel at the coastal views.

2. Anyone wanting a place to really unwind, needs to take a trip out to one of the other Emirates –Ras Al Khaimah. It takes just over a couple of hours to drive there but it’s worth it.

3. For the ultimate desert trip head to Qasr al Sarab in the Rub’Al Khali, the largest desert in the world.  The Anantara here is not just the right place for those wanting to spend time on the dunes, it’s also one of the most luxurious locations this side of the UAE.


Judith - Abu Dhabi

1. The expat community here is huge, making it so easy to make new connections. As a visitor it means the people you meet are usually happy to stop for a chat. It’s always interesting to converse with staff at restaurants, shops, drivers, venues and here how they find their Middle East experience.

2. Take advantage of the food. There’s so much of it around! Going back to having such a large expat community, whether it’s fine dining or not, the chances are the food you’re eating will be authentic.

3. Whatever you do this is a place that lets you relax, take your time. Unlike Dubai, Abu Dhabi is a lot more chilled out. You don’t have to worry about hour long traffic jams wherever you go and everything is less busy and chaotic. You don’t necessarily have to hire a car to get around here either as travelling via taxi is so quick and cheap.


So there you have it. Can you think of any other Abu Dhabi ‘know-before-you-go’ travel tips?

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