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A day of Cakes and Crafts in Manchester

March 14, 2015

Last month I managed to get some last minute Groupon tickets to the Craft fair at Eventcity, Manchester. I was SUPER excited, I love all things creative and with a number of home-made projects in the pipeline I knew this would be a perfect opportunity to get inspiration and new ideas.

What I didn’t anticipate is how much fun it would be not only to see, learn and shop at the craft fair, but how much fun I would have checking out the Cake fair next door!

The show itself was a great place to learn skills in all sorts of things such as: quilting, paper crafts, knitting, cake decorating and lots more. So if you’re interested in any of those sorts of activities, I would definitely recommend visiting when it’s back in September. Ticket for one show gets you free entry into the other, a match made in heaven if you ask me.

I thought I’d share a few (ok a lot) of the AMAZING cakes on display at the cake show. It was almost like walking into a huge cake-inspired-art gallery they were all incredible…

cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-27 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-28 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-33 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-32 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-31 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-30 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-29 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-34 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-35 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-36 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-37 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-38 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-44 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-43 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-42 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-41 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-40 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-24 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-19 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-20 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-21 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-22 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-23 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-16 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-15 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-17 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-14 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-13 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-1 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-2 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-7 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-12 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-11 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-10 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-9  cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-25 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-26 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-3 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-4 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-5 cake-and-craft-show-eventcity-manchester-8

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