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A Final Farewell to my Twenties. It’s been Special.

April 29, 2015

I have been dreading today. The second I turned 29 on the 29th of April 2014, my heart sank. That was the moment it became official that the next stop was 30. I didn’t think it would be such a big deal; I’m normally quite good at putting a positive spin on things. I just figured this would be the end of my selfish years and I would finally have to embrace being a ‘grown up.’ This did not please me much at all.

Everyone kept trying to talk me into how great my thirties will be but I think the main reason I was so sad is because my twenties have been an absolute BLAST. I thought it was only right that I take a moment to look back on some of my highlights over the last ten years:

Finally getting a degree

After a lot of changing and messing around I finally graduated from the University of Salford with a 2:1 degree. A day which both my parents had been waiting for, and to walk across the stage at the Lowry Theatre was a moment I had been waiting for! The sun shone, my little family was altogether and I finally had that certificate I had worked ever so hard for.


Being part of Huffles – attempting to build a younus empire

Although the business may not be up and running anymore, it shaped me as a person. Well not just me, my whole family. We exhibited at National trade shows, travelled up and down the country and I produced ad and media campaigns without any restrictions (a real luxury for designers) From it, we learned valuable lessons on business, life and most importantly to appreciate the things that matter most: each other.


Working for Pets at Home

This might sound like a strange one to add in, but I had three wonderful years working for this company. It was a place where I found people who loved the things I love the most; a job where I enjoyed all of what I did; and I expanded my knowledge on a subject dear to my heart: animals and animal welfare.


Volunteering to help Lions in Africa

An experience I will never ever ever ever forget. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Tomorrow, if I could. Being able to touch them, feed them, play with them – every aspect of the trip was magical. I spent over four weeks in Zimbabwe and I cannot recommend it enough.

Meeting my husband

We met on a blind date on the 18th of January 2010 and six months later on the 18th of July 2010, we got married. It may have seemed like a whirlwind decision at the time, but it was definitely the best one I have ever made. I know everyone says it, but I really did find my best friend and for that I am forever thankful.

Hugo le Chat

In a nutshell, Mo and I would be totally lost without him. He really is the heart and soul of our home.

Watching my baby sister get married

Another blessed day I will cherish. My sister getting married also meant an addition to our sibling circle… we went from being a Terrific Threesome to becoming a Fantastic Foursome. Since then, we have been near enough inseparable, not seeing them for a week seems like a lifetime. We have also travelled on trips away together and I hope that continues in the future.

Some really great trips abroad

I’ve been lucky enough to tick some amazing destinations off my travel bucket list – Maldives, Morocco, Barcelona, Indonesia, Thailand, Sweden, Turkey, Norway, France and many many more…

Welcoming nieces and nephews

Babies bring happiness to everyone (usually), but it’s truly special when two people whom you love dearly, have their dreams come true with the birth of not one but two beautiful bundles of joy who have brought nothing but happiness to our entire family.


and of course, every single moment spent with friends & my very large, very crazy family

Writing this list has made me realise just how much has happened over the last ten years – with the happiest times, involving a lot of laughter with friends, family, or both. Or when there’s food…. (there’s usually a lot of food).

I am 30.

As much as I could sit in a dark corner and mourn what I am leaving behind, I have decided to start as I mean to go on and kick off with a bang. My wonderful hubby has gone above and beyond to start my 30’s with a birthday trip to remember.

In the next few hours we will be at Manchester Airport waiting to jet off to see the wonders of Rio De Janeiro (I know, I know, I’ve been harping on about this for some time).

I hope Rio sets the tone for this new chapter in my life, as I now look forward to finding bigger and better things to do before I hit the next big milestone (I can’t even say what that is out loud as it scares me too much)!!!!!

In case any of you mentioned/pictured above are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of some of the greatest years of my life.

Here’s to the start of a new decade…

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