A new challenge for 2016…

December 20, 2015

This year has been full of ups and downs. Some real highs, with all the fabulous trips I’ve been able to take and fun times I’ve had with friends. But I’ve also suffered a few lows, mainly with my health. I was riddled with flu and bronchitis when in Thailand and I have regularly fallen sick throughout the year, even spending a few nights in hospital in September.

So, earlier this month I went to see a nutritionist to see if changing my diet or the way I eat could help 2016 be a healthier, happier year.

On the 6th of December, after a very loooong appointment where we went through my entire health-life-story, I was then presented with a new diet plan to stick to until my next visit on the 24th Jan, seven weeks down the line.

I was expecting a few slap on the wrist ideas; like cut out fizzy drink, excess tea, cut down on carbs etc. But I was not prepared for what was written out on the sheet placed in front of me.

I’m not going to bore you with all the detail, but to sum up, from now on I am not solely a halal eater. I’ve got a few more titles to add to my belt. Like gluten free. But not just gluten free, dairy free too. At the same time.

I can’t deny I was very scared by both of these recommendations (mainly because I didn’t even know what gluten really was?!?).

We headed straight out for dinner (at a great place called Arriyadh) where I scoffed as much food as I possibly could fit into my digestive system knowing that come Monday morning, things would have to be very different.

To help me actually stick to this major new change I am treating this as a challenge and the blogger in me knows the only way I can stick to it is by journaling as much as possible. (Dont worry, I’ve set up a brand new web space for it halalglutenanddairyfree.wordpress.com)

The whole concept of gluten-and-dairy-free is completely new to me and as someone who has never had a strict food regime I’m actually excited.

I do plan on trying to keep my life as normal as possible, and that goes for the blog too.

But for the next two months it’s goodbye normal bread.

Goodbye smoky cheddar cheese.

Goodbye delicious double cream.


Hello healthy living!!

Wish me luck…




If anyone can recommend any great bloggers that are gluten and/or dairy free I would love to read their stories. Please drop their details in the comments below so I can check them out, thanks!

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