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Well, hello there… welcome to my blog!

I dabbled in and out of the blogosphere for some time and finally set up Jet Set Chick, to document my journey through life. I’m a typical 9-5 worker, but I take every single opportunity to travel, either locally or abroad (I mean, what other reason is there to work, if not to travel?) I do enjoy a taste of luxury, at the right price of course, I’m always on the lookout for the best deal going.

When you fund your own travel, I believe it’s essential to stretch the money you have as far as you can, without having to compromise too much. In my experience, this comes from good planning and research.

First and foremost, why ‘Jet Set Chick’?

I’ve always aspired to be a jet setter (the down to earth kind) and my family and close friends call me ‘Sus,’ an Arabic word that translates to chick.

So there you have it, Jet. Set. Chick.

About me:

I grew up an expat immigrant child, living in Saudi Arabia and my parents started taking me around the world at quite a young age. My earliest memory is a bit fuzzy, but I remember the feeling of being really excited, seeing a large palace with pink turrets and pointing furiously at things from my stroller. I remember big round ears, beaming sunshine and blue skies. I can’t picture it all perfectly, but I do vividly remember thinking that I was on a real adventure, as though I had been placed in another world. And that feeling I still get today, whenever I visit somewhere new (minus the stroller).

Being a design graduate I am obsessed by art, architecture and interiors. I think this is quite evident in most of my posts and these things influence a lot of the travel decisions I make.

Animals have also always played a big part in my life and aside from design, learning about conservation and wildlife is a true passion of mine.

What you’ll find here:

  • Reviews on places to eat, stay and see from all over the world;
  • Travel tips and resources – things that have helped me during my journeys;
  • Specific sections on Manchester, UK – my hometown;
  • Specific section on halal dining – but I don’t exclusively eat at purely halal restaurants
  • Photo-journeys – I have started studying photography and travelling is a great way to practice and build up a portfolio.

Who do I travel with?

Mostly my hubby, Mo. As individuals, we are polar opposites, but we share a passion for art/design, good food, good service and a good time.

You’ll also find a number of reviews will feature my sis & bro-in-law – H & G (I often refer to us as the Fantastic Four, original right?). You’ll find the three of them holding on behind me on my logo 🙂

As well as the latest addition to our crew… Baby H!! (my very gorgeous nephew) Who has already been on his first adventure and we look forward to a Fantastic Five trip in the very near future.

Travelling as a Muslim:

Mo and I are both Muslim. We don’t drink (alcohol that is), we only eat halal meat and we pray five times a day. A lot of our Muslim family and friends tend to play it safe and prefer to travel to Islamic countries where their religious needs are met.

We don’t.

Religion is a way of life and can be practised anywhere. We never let it restrict us from visiting a new place. We love discovering new cultures, new traditions and learning from them.

It’s amazing how many times we have come across hidden ‘halal’ gems in cities we (naively) least expected to find them – they don’t always have to exist solely in Islamic countries

Where I’ve been:

So that’s me 🙂 Any questions??

Let me know what you think…

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