My year long 2016 to-do list

So most people, travellers especially, tend to have a bucket list of things they want to see or do. Alas, I am no different.

Before my 21st birthday my dad and I came up with a list of things to accomplish during my 20th year and my family pitched in to help me conquer it. I wanted it to be a list of goals rather than your typical bucket list, a combination of dreams and new years resolutions. It was fun having so much to aim for and I decided to carry on the tradition over the years.

You’ll notice mine is not a travel specific list, it’s very much a personal one detailing things I will aim to achieve.

2016 Goals:

1. Digital detox day
2. Learn a new skill – booked
3. Finish photography course
4. Launch new business
5. Become fit and healthy
6. Hit 30 park runs
7. Clock in 50 hours volunteer work
8. Discover a new place in the UK
9. Watch a spectacular sunrise
10. Microadventure
11. New postcard buddy 
12. Produce a new art piece
13. Blackpool
14. See something new every month #12trips – ongoing
15. Family trip
16. Girls day out
17. Become more environmentally responsible
18. Stay somewhere unusual
19. Create a video
20. Create a buzzfeed article
21. Watch a movie outdoors
22. Raise money for a charitable cause
23. Go on at least one Wainwright walk
24. Achieve my blog goals
25. Cook/bake at least one new thing every month
26. Say happy birthday to every single one of my friends
27. Write an article for print
28. Have a professional manicure
29. Go to an event abroad 
30. Smile and give thanks everyday


30th Birthday list:

1. Get a ‘Shaun T’ approved beach body
2. See the Shard The Shard experience with a spot of tea 
3. Rack up 50hrs of volunteer workVolunteering at TEDx
4. Take Mo to a local footy match Manchester City V Bayern Munich at the Etihad Stadium
5. Enter a competition and win – (In the past I’ve entered competitions and always convinced myself I’d win… but I don’t) I won I won I woooon!!! – tickets to see Pharrell Williams on his first solo tour thanks to MCRwire
6. Publish a book – any kind
7. Successfully knit a baby gift
8. Climb Mount Snowdon with Mo
9. Find a postcard buddy and send them postcards from every adventure The Postcard Challenge
10. Ride horses on the beach
11. Complete my wedding album ready for our 5th anniversary
12. Find a new job
13. Learn a new skill
14. Give up caffeine – apart from special occasions/days out/guests – doing well with this one… nearly there
15. Family expedition abroad The Younus trip to Barcelona
16. Raise money for a good cause
17. Learn a new skill
18. Produce a collection of art
19. Have a REAL manicure – after giving up bad nail biting habits
20. Take part in a sporting event – if running must beat previous times Took part in the Great Manchester run, beat my best time by 2 whole minutes!!
21. Have a picnic at an open air concert/event
 22. Get on TV/be in a TV audience Made it onto ITV Saturday Night Takeaway!
23. Learn a new language
24. Get a 1000 new views on my my blog
 25. Climb Ben Nevis with dad – So dad didn’t make it, but Gemal and Mo escorted me instead
26. Discover a new place in the UK
27. Blackpool trip with friends – indulge in fish and chips on the beach
28. Eat strawberries and cream at Wimbledon
29. Trip of a lifetime – Mo took me away to Rio de Janeiro for a holiday of a lifetime
30. TURN THIRTY (didn’t have a choice on this one)


Anyone else like to make yearly lists? or more importantly have any tips on getting through any of the above I’ve not attempted yet?

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