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Back from skiing

March 11, 2017


Travelling on my own to Myanmar earlier this year, it was a very special trip. As much as I love my husband, my family,my friends… I have always embraced ‘alone’ time. I¬†always thought it was quite normal to want to do things on your own once in a while, but after speaking with a few friends, ones that had never actually been out by themselves and embraced ‘me’ time, I realise it doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

I’ve always been the slightly odd one, the one who doesn’t really watch tv, talks a lot about random crap, laughs to the point of crying at something that probably isn’t that funny… so going about doing everyday things by myself has never bothered me, I’m quite happy with my own crazy company.

Since getting married Mo and I have been on many, many trips together – and he makes a great travel companion. We then travelled a number of times with my faves H and G and that too seemed to work pretty damn well.

Last week our jet set crew grew a little bit bigger, with the introduction of Mr and Mrs Tornado and just like that I remembered how important it is to have good people in your life.



I’ve just returned from seven days of absolute bliss. I got to learn a sport I have always wanted to learn, I got to spend quality time with my husband, my family and my friends, every single day just got better than the next.

Thanks to Crystal Ski Holidays and the good people of Flaine, I now know how to ski and I finally understand the reason people return to do it year after year.

It. is. AWESOME.

So awesome, I’m itching to get back on those two crazy long planks of wood!!



International Womens Day happened to fall on one of the days we were away. I spent an hour or so that night reading articles, news stories, watching videos from the Women’s March in the USA, wishing I was there to stand with them.

Instead I used all that inspiration and channeled it into my days on the slopes – I faced my fears, tried to embrace being brave and decided that through these hard times, it really does pay to stick together.

I’m back home in Manchester, excited to get stuck into some writing, but for now I’m going to call it an early night, lay back in bed and thank God for the all the wonderful things I have been blessed with.

Actually I don’t really care about the things, what I meant to say was that I am thankful for all the wonderful people and experiences that surround me.

I reminded my crew and myself, that life isn’t always about the good stuff, it’s about working through each day step by step and ensuring that even through some of the shitty times, it just takes a couple of smiles and kind words to make things ok.

We had a sensationally stressful experience checking into Geneva today (more on that later) but watching my group laugh and make light of the situation with strangers at the airport, made me feel all kinds of rainbows and love hearts at how even in the stickiest of situations, us humans can make each other smile.


“Maybe life isn’t about avoiding the bruises.

Maybe it’s about collecting the scars

to prove we showed up for it.”




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