My birthday blog makeover

May 6, 2016



Last Friday, I celebrated my 31st birthday and decided it would be¬†the perfect time to treat myself to a blog makeover! So this is it ūüôā

I’ve still got a few bits and bobs to sort out, but the majority of the transition is complete. I thought it’d be worth having a quick run through on what’s changed:

The whole design!

Bit of an obvious one really. I was dying to get rid of all the dark tones on my last layout and move to something a bit brighter.

I fell in love with this theme from pipdig.co.uk and the whole process of changing it over was pretty smooth. Pipdig provide very clear and precise instructions which made it all the more easier.

New header

My header image is no longer my favourite lion cub photo, instead its a simple illustration¬†drawn by my friends very talented husband Giulio (click here to check his site, I’m a huge fan!).

I told him exactly what I wanted: a cartoon version of my Fantastic Four group,¬†and he put it to paper. Few tweaks from my end (ever the control freak – I couldn’t help but add something – sorry Giulio!) and voila, it now occupies pride of place on the blog. I’m not quite done with it yet though, I’ve really enjoyed¬†being creative with pens and pencils on paper, so whilst the main outline is pretty much sorted, I still have a few ideas I want to test out.

jet set chick

About me

Whilst sprucing up the design I thought this would be¬†a good opportunity to update some of the static pages. The About me page is less of an essay and has some pics, you know, to prove I’m pretty normal(ish).




After an extremely useful talk by the lovely Kirsten from Kooky traveller, I also decided to add a separate page for my disclaimer.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been on a number of press trips amongst my regular travels and I know I need to make it much clearer to separate the two moving forward (I have also amended any past posts to keep consistency).

If there are any sponsored posts, paid excursions, freebies Рit will be clearly stated at the top of an article. I do need to reassure you that, as always, I only write about experiences that I would recommend and everything I write is an honest, personal opinion.

New page – Giving back

In this day and age, with many of us in positions where we can offer our time, money and expertise to help others, I thought it made sense to have a page dedicated to giving back, mainly as a reminder to myself if I’m honest.

Sometimes, its easy to get carried away with my own life, I wanted to have a page up as a constant reminder to do something for others.

If you have any charities or projects that you recommend I check out, or if you would like to share their stories, then please shout out and let me know as I would love to try and offer my support.


Think that’s it for now.

Now that the web-design headache is over with, I can finally get back to the fun part. Writing, writing, writing!!
And the travel link-up ladies have inspired the perfect post to get me back into it… travel blogger problems. Oh this should be good!


I would LOVE to have your opinions¬†on my new look! Good, bad, indifferent?? – I’d genuinely appreciate any feedback ūüôā

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