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August 1, 2015

I came here with a purpose. A plan to finish off the many, many blog posts I have collected in my drafts folder. But at this precise moment I feel I need to talk about where I am right at this minute.

I have a window seat in the corner of a room, to my left I can see the rain, the dark clouds, it all looks very grey, very British.

To my right, is a whole different story.

A couple of girlfriends are lounging on the leather chesterfield inspired sofa, shoes off, warm mug in hand talking about girl things, gossiping and the likes. Over the way, grown ups playing pick up sticks, whilst their gorgeous rottweiler puppy lies obediently by their feet wagging his tiny little tail at people walking past (yes I did stop and show him a lot of love)

There are the serious game players, sat with chess boards, their faces glazed over in concentration. A family has also decided to settle in here with their teenage children, who excitedly run back and forth from the table that is full of the games we used to play when we were kids (of course most of us still love playing them as adults).

A distinguished looking older gentleman is sat opposite, looking like he could be here a while as he has chosen a very comfy looking fabric armchair as his workspace.

And then every so often different customers bravely pull up a stool at the piano, treating their temporary audience to a tinkering of the keys. Providing the perfect accompaniment for those of us seeking refuge in the warmth.

The crowd here is so diverse I almost feel like I’m submerged in a movie set. A whole different kind of British.

This is like no coffee shop I have ever been to. In fact, can I even call it a coffee shop?? Here at Ziferblat you pay for your time. You clock in and pay the bill before you clock out. Everything else is on the house. The kitchen, at your disposal. Furniture, all in good condition, comfortable very old English parlour but without the snobbiness. Bunting, Fresh flowers and plants, lots of games, as I mentioned above. Oh and theres biscuits! Even vegan ones. And cake. Lots of lovely looking cakes.

For people who live in the city centre I’d heard, this was a great place to drop in, meet friends, have a brew and catch up. But after today, I can see there’s so much more here. Founded in Moscow, Ziferblat calls itself a ‘social space’ where each guest is treated as a ‘micro tenant’.

For me? it could not be more perfect. I’ve got a power socket, free (fast) wifi, buzzing atmosphere and of course, the most essential item that all travel bloggers require when looking for inspiration, a globe.

Only thing missing… A nice pair of comfy  tartan house slippers. Fur lined. And a velvet robe – I went too far.

1st Floor, 23 Edge Street, Northern Quarter, M4 1HW

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