Places we find that offer halal options

Review: Grill in the Park, Marriott Worsley Park

So, I’m not sure whether you noticed… but a few weeks ago, whilst my Instagram stories said I was dining in Salford. I was in fact on a boat, on the Mediterranean. But luckily, after years of working alongside me, hubby was ready to step in and get the verdict…

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What to eat in Turkey

  One of the many highlights from our trip to Turkey, was definitely the fantastic food we ate EVERYWHERE. We were there for over a week and I can’t think of a single meal I didn’t enjoy. All of us were huge fans of Turkish food anyway, however thanks to…

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Review: Shopping at Meadowhall, Sheffield

  It had been a busy weekend so far. Busy week at work, we’d been hosting dinner at our home and Sunday was upon us a lot faster than we ever expected. Secretly wishing we had a duvet day planned, I eventually managed to coax myself away from the covers…

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Eid at Meadowhall Sheffield

  Often when describing Eid to non-Muslims, it’s very easy for people to go straight into… “so it’s the Muslim version of Christmas??” I can understand why people would think that. Eid celebrations involve getting the family together, having a home cooked meal, treating kids (And big kids) and there’s…

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WIN £100 Gift Card: Share your ideal iftar

  There’s just over a week left of Ramadhan. Wow that has gone FAST. I can’t actually believe how quickly time has passed this year. For those of you who have been fasting well done! The days have not only been the longest but the weather, here in the UK,…

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