Places we find that offer halal options

Review: Le Fayan Nile Cruise

  I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve never been on a cruise type of holiday before. One where days are spent living on a boat, travelling to different destinations, hopping on and off to take in some sights. I had visions of kids running riot, squeezing past people…

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The Tampopo Pescatarian Taste Tour

  A few weeks ago, I was invited along with two of my Fantastic Four to try out a pescatarian taste tour at Tampopo in the Trafford Centre. Whenever we make a trip to the Trafford Centre (TC), there is always a designated collection of restaurants we tend to frequent.…

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Eid Mubarak, A new beginning

    By now every Muslim across the world should have celebrated Eid and a new month is upon us. Saturday was our last fast and it was a busy one as Mo and I travelled across to the Yorkshire town where my (very large) family live, to visit and…

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Last minute Eid Gift Guide

  If you follow me on social media you’re probably wondering what my recent obsession with intu Trafford Centre is all about. Well as you are well aware, these fasts are loooong and they have been for a few years now. Energy levels are low and sometimes you just need…

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Ramadhan update: Halfway through

  We’ve just passed the halfway mark of Ramadhan! If you’ve been fasting, I think you definitely deserve a pat on the back. I know I’m certainly chuffed I’ve managed to make it so far this year without too much whingeing, very unlike me but I am trying my best…

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