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Chocolate making course with Cracking good food

October 16, 2016



So not only was last week #nationalcurryweek on twitter, but apparently it was also #nationalchocolateweek?!?! Well, I may have missed out on all the choc-inspired events but, it reminded me that I hadn’t had the chance to gush about a wonderful cooking experience I took part in a few weeks ago, where I got to create my own luxury truffle collection.

The lovely food blogger Katya from ‘Katya’s Cake Hole‘ asked if I would like to join a chocolate making workshop, part of the Cracking Good Food cookery program in Didsbury.

I’ve mentioned it before… chocolate isn’t really my thing, not in large quantities anyway. BUT that evening Mo was treating me to an anniversary picnic at the outdoor cinema in Tatton and I thought it would be the perfect thank you present to take over for us to enjoy.

So, putting my own chocolate feelings aside and with a determination to create a spectacular treat for the hubby, off I went.

Cracking good food host a range of classes, they’re a sustainable cooking network who aim to promote making seasonal food from scratch. I had seen them pop up on various social media channels and been intrigued by their ideals on supporting local economy, local food producers and reducing food waste.

The class was already in full swing by the time I arrived (I know, I was late! Not good form) but I quickly slipped on an apron and Isobel the host, had kindly whipped me up a batch of chocolate ready to be flavoured.



A group of four, the session was pretty intimate. It was informal, hands-on and lots of fun. Throughout the afternoon we got to create a couple of different flavoured mixtures for the centre of the truffles (yes we were making truffles!!).

Halfway through the chocolate making process, we had a mini break. We were free to make a brew, enjoy a drink… I got the opportunity to have a quick catch up with Katya who was over in the opposite classroom trying her hand at one of the other cookery classes (Nepalese cuisine, I believe – it smelt amazing whatever it was!).

Ten minutes of break time and by then our chocolate dough was ready for shaping. Not as easy as pastry dough ball rolling, but much tastier. As we were working the chocolate between our hands, the fragrance of the infusions we had used started to waft through the air creating a very pleasant smell. We coated them in additional layers of chocolate and finally finished them off with different outer coatings. We even had a play with making chocolate sheets.



As much as I’m not a great cook, baker, kitchen person in general – I love food (can you tell?) and I always enjoy these experience days, as the whole process makes me fall all the more in love with what ends up on my plate (and it all looked so pretty!).

Oh and Mo loved the chocolate 🙂 There was also a LOT of it!

No-ones ever going to complain about that though right?


Thank you so much to Tracey from Cracking Good Food for allowing me to join in and try out a class. And thank you to Isobel from Dormouse Chocolates for hosting such a wonderfully relaxed afternoon. As always, all opinions, thoughts and pics are my own.


Has anyone tried any of the other cracking food classes? Can you recommend any others?

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