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Lunch outside the city at 6 cut Monton

August 28, 2015

After a Tour de France inspired cycling disaster at the Manchester Skyride I had never been so relieved to arrive home. A short-lived feeling, as it wasn’t long before I realised I had a lunch date to attend  with hubby and mother-in-law at a new pizza restaurant in Monton.

I say new, but in fact 6/cut is a total re-brand of Felicinis which judging by the trip advisor reviews, used to be pretty popular. The re-brand was brought about to offer something different and specialist but from some of the comments I had read online, the change didn’t seem to be well received, particularly amongst the old Felicini-loyalists.

Pushing all negative press and unbearable back-pain aside, I went in with an open mind. It was early Sunday afternoon and the weather was brightening up, so most people had chosen to sit outside. Not a single soul was seated indoors and it’s always a little unnerving when you’re the only one around, something I didn’t focus on too much as the back-pain was getting progressively worse.

As we walked in, the new style is that of industrial chic. Lots of metal tins, bare bulbs, wooden bench tables and I really liked the split level design of the seating areas.

Looking through the menu, you don’t visit a place called 6/cut and not order a pizza. We started off with a firm favourite, the nachos sharing platter and then we all opted for different toppings on our sourdough based treat: Margherita (the control), Garlic roasted mushrooms and I decided to go all out and choose the chefs recommendation – seafood special.

Do I think this Italian re-brand works? Damn right it does.

When a restaurant wants to specialise in a type of food you expect it to be perfect – and this was pretty close to perfection. The sourdough base wasn’t stodgy or soggy, it cut well and it was just the right thickness so you weren’t cracking your jaw when ripping into it.

You could tell the sauces were homemade. They all tasted slightly different with each of the different toppings we had chosen. And they weren’t stingy with it either (I really can’t stand dry pizza).

And if it comes up when you visit, give the Seafood special a go! The waitress had said it was one the chef was trying out that day, I would definitely recommend they keep it on the menu as permanent fixture. You could tell that the fish was fresh, no chewy squid or octopus. Also, because of the variety of the fish used, it had a real bang of contrasting flavour in each mouthful.

As the only people inside the restaurant, we were served straight away and our waitress was super polite and friendly. When discussing 6/cut with our fellow neighbours, they seconded our experience and had nothing but good things to say about this new addition to Monton Road.

Even though I was in a state of complete agony from my cycling injury, I’m glad I didn’t turn down the opportunity to first of all, spend a lovely afternoon with my second mum, but also because we very rarely eat outside of the city. This visit was a great reminder that sometimes the best places to eat can be found right on our doorstep.

(well not literally on my doorstep but you know what I mean)

Click here to visit the 6/cut website

Any other newbies we should be trying outside of Manchester city centre??

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