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Dough Manchester Review

July 12, 2016

Dough Manchester restaurant and food review jet set chick

Dough Manchester Review


I am a bad, BAD blogger.

I have been writing for over a year now on new places I’ve discovered. New places I’ve seen, stayed and places I’ve enjoyed eating and socialising at.


I have not dedicated any blogspace whatsoever to the places I visit that are all time favourites and have time and time again never let me down.

Bad, bad, blogger.

Let’s write this wrong. (get it? bad joke I know, couldn’t resist)


First up: Dough.

In the heart of the Northern Quarter, Dough Pizza Kitchen is one of my firm favourites.




We’ve been for family meals, date night, friends night, last-minute-don’t-know-what-we-want-to-eat night, it’s a restaurant that caters to all occasions. Whether you’re dressed up all fancy or super casual you will never feel out of place.

There’s an open kitchen to the left as you walk in and the decor inside is simple and modern. There’s no real theme, no over the top opulence it’s simple and comfortable.

And that’s perfect because this is a place to relax, have fun and most importantly eat some bloody good food.

You’d assume this is now the point where I bombard you with really fine looking pictures of beautifully decorated plates, artistically angled shots that include cocktails and candles…

Well I’m not.

This is what you’re getting.



Empty plates.

Let me explain.

We have been here many, many times. We know exactly how good this food tastes, the consistency here is superb. So the minute a dish lands on the table we’ve already anticipated the look, the smell, the taste. No sooner has our waiter/waitress let go of that plate, we are all over it. There is simply no time (or desire for that matter) to pause for a photo shoot.

Ok, I felt bad, so the last time we went I made sure to take at least some pics:



I really struggle to think of a time or a dish that has disappointed us. Ever.

What makes Dough even more amazing – is it’s variety of options for all types of diners. The menu clearly labels gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian options. It’s so easy to read, no fancy code or squinting for the fine print (Dough if you read this – might I suggest introducing halal options?).



When I was faced with the challenge of eating only gluten and dairy free, Dough was my first meal out and they really set the bar high. I had the gluten-free Arabiatta – my first try at a GF pasta and it set me at ease and made me realise I can cope with the new diet I was taking on – and I can actually enjoy it.

Oh and the dairy free ice cream that’s on offer for dessert? It’s divine!! Even if you’re full, make room! Order a scoop of plain old vanilla just to try it. My sister nagged me about it for months and after my first taste, I totally understood what she meant. Made with almond milk, it’s not overly sweet, the vanilla is laced through perfectly and it’s a great end to an evening. In fact, every evening should end with dairy free vanilla ice cream. And it is made in-house.

There have been numerous times when Mo and I have been in the city with the intention of eating at places we haven’t tried yet and their either full, over crowded, wait list too long, not many halal-friendly menu options, whatever the reason… we’ve then ended up at Dough.

And every time that happens we sit down and think to ourselves why on earth did we decide to try somewhere new when we know this place is perfect?!?!


Dough – you never ever let us down.

(And I have every confidence, you never will).


*** I recently wrote an article for which featured Dough as a perfect place to take out a selective eater – check it out here 🙂


Have you tried Dough? Do you love it as much as I do? What’s your ‘go to’ place to eat in Manchester?

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