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Eid Mubarak !!

July 7, 2016

EidMubarak Jet set Chick


The search for the new moon is over, the sweets and treats have been shared out and it’s been a wonderful day catching up with friends and family.

I’m going to be honest – the last few years my excitement for Eid started to decline ever so slightly, maybe that’s down to age? Eid was no longer about bags of sweets and gifts and games. Maybe it was down to the fasts being so long? I know I made a joke on my last fasting post about the struggles we go through, but in all seriousness no food or drink for 18 hours a day is hard work when you have a full time job!

But this year I was pretty excited. And I think it’s all down to remembering what the festival is all about:

A celebration gifted to us by God to mark the end of Ramadhan.

Definitely a cause to jump for joy right? 🙂

So what did the day entail?

No Eid morning is complete without a cup of mums special recipe homemade hot spice-infused milk, the most perfect way to start the morning!

Next up, it’s a mad rush to get ready, ideally dressing up in something new to mark the occasion.

Once beautification is complete (which simply entails whacking on some eyeliner in my case) it’s time to head out for Eid prayers. In Manchester, we normally go to the Muslim Youth Foundation right in the heart of city centre. This year we all went to the local park in my parents town, where the community had set up an outside prayer area for anyone and everyone to join. After the hit and miss weather we’ve been having over the last few weeks, we were blessed that this morning, the sun decided to shine brightly for us. Not a rain cloud in sight!

After that well the day followed pretty much the same old pattern:

Visiting family. Eating. More visiting – quick mini shift at work (which also involved some eating) – then off to a different town for more family visiting (between Mo and I our family’s pretty huge). Followed by surprise surprise more eating. and so it continued…

The kids had a ball, I literally couldn’t move from all the food consumption and on a day where once again bad politics is making the news (damn you Tony Blair), it was nice to push it all aside for a minute and just be happy.

All in all it was a pretty, great, day.


How did you celebrate Eid? Do you have any yearly traditions?


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