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Finding Peace in the Quiet Capital of Norway

March 10, 2015

After visiting the Viking museum in Bygdoy we didn’t really have a lot of time spare before having to catch our flight back home. We had a quick group pow-wow and decided to head into the city centre and have a browse in the Nobel Peace Centre.

We were in no major rush and the weather was perfect for a leisurely walk through this new area of town we hadn’t yet explored, stopping for some silly pics along the way and popping into a few souvenir shops that were outside the very grand City hall.

Nobel-Peace-Centre-Oslo-10 Nobel-Peace-Centre-Oslo-20

With our Oslo pass, entry into the Peace centre was free. If you are card-less the entry price is 90NOK for adults, so not too bad.


The two main exhibitions were of the most recent Nobel peace prize winners, Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi. It was laid out brilliantly: informative with lots of brilliant photography, interactive and there’s a trail that runs right through the centre designed for children which was super cute.

Nobel-Peace-Centre-Oslo-5 Nobel-Peace-Centre-Oslo-15


Nobel-Peace-Centre-Oslo-13 Nobel-Peace-Centre-Oslo-19

 Nobel-Peace-Centre-Oslo-16 Nobel-Peace-Centre-Oslo-8

It was great learning about all the wonderful and brave things people had done over the years and we all went round at our own paces, each of us lost in our own thoughts. One of the permanent installations also details the story of Alfred Nobel himself and how it all started.

Nobel-Peace-Centre-Oslo-11 Nobel-Peace-Centre-Oslo-14

My favourite room was an exhibition of past winners on the first floor. You walk into a dark blue-tinged area with small iPad-sized screens suspended on poles completely surrounded by a field of fibre optic coloured lights. Magical! Each screen displayed a year and as you approached it, up popped the laureate’s photo and what they did. One of the most stunning examples of visual exhibition design I have seen. (Bravo Nobel Fredssenter!).


It was so inspirational reading the backgrounds, stories and quotes from such extraordinary people. Even the gift shop was full of items that made you want to make a difference.

All in all we were glad we made the time to fit this into our schedule and I would one hundred percent recommend this as a must see if you are visiting Oslo.

It certainly made me feel better knowing we have some truly amazing humans amongst us.

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