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2018 first stop: Egypt

February 28, 2018

Travel has always been a major part of my life. Not necessarily because I’ve done a lot of it, although I know I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to embark on many trips. It has always been the ‘journey’ that has garnered my interest. The emotions, the experiences and the tales along the way. It’s why I started blogging and it’s my ultimate form of mind relaxation.

My last flight was back in July 2017, and wow, it feels like forever ago. Since then, I’ve been living vicariously through my friends and family as they travelled to places such as Dubai, Oman, Jordan, Malaga, Sri Lanka… falling in love with their photos and stories.

And now I’m finally sitting here on a plane, getting excited for a new adventure. This is it… finally our first trip of 2018!! Mo and I are headed off to enchanting Egypt. I’ve only ever visited once, my Dad and I went to Cairo, he was on a business trip and I went over to visit a dear friend, and to think that was around 20 years ago?!

I popped round to visit one of our neighbours recently, a lovely man who had actually spent a lot of his life living in Egypt and had such fond memories to tell as we sat and got to know each other better. I never got the opportunity to pop back and get some handy tips and phrases, but I’m very much looking forward to visiting him on our return and discussing if life as he knew it in Egypt had changed at all.

Our first stop… Hurghada, just for the night mind. As tomorrow we hit the road once again.

After just two days of dealing with the ‘beast from the east’ I can’t possibly describe how good it feels to be landing here…

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