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First trip of 2017: Myanmar

January 11, 2017

First trip of 2017_Myanmar image


If you read my travel linkup post earlier this month you’ll know that after many months of waiting, I am finally headed to Myanmar!!! And in less than three days!?! What’s more I’ll also get to spend a day in Hong Kong too, which is kind of a surprise addition to my original itinerary. There was a point where I felt like this trip would never come and now that it’s nearly here, I can’t believe it’s happened so quick! (yes people like me are just never satisfied).

On one of my Facebook blogger groups, the lovely Jane asked what blog posts everyone’s writing today and when I commented saying I was working on this one, Claire from @GoodEggFoodie rightly pointed out that surely I should be concentrating on packing rather than writing. Spot on Claire, I totally should be! but, luckily for me, over the last few weeks I have had a team of wonderful helpers who have been busy prepping in the background, without me having to boss them about 🙂

Mo and my dad have been busy creating an essential bag of goodies, with all the required toiletry and medical products. My sister, took charge of my clothes and magically made a two week wardrobe fit into two packing cubes (if in fact this turns out to be all I need, I shall be sitting her down to write a post with me on how the heck she managed this. I’m still in awe.) And my dear mum has done all the running around chores everyone requires pre-trip, getting me a good rate on my currency and making sure I actually have food in my fridge whilst I battle through the last week of work.

I know you’re reading this thinking wow what a lazy so and so (I was going to use the ‘B’ word but remembered my mums started reading this) – but the truth of the matter is working full time, writing a blog and trying my utmost to get back into graphic design, well its hard. Really hard. And if you watched one of the TED talks I recommended on Sunday, sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and ask for help. Luckily for me, I have the above network of people who pre-empt me asking and just get on with it anyway!!

After reading a number of great blog posts, today is the first time I have started to actually get excited. This is the first time I’m travelling solo without friends or family in seven years and it’s so strange packing and planning just for me and no one else. I’m actually going to have to map read, eat out, visit attractions all by myself… it’s going to be very odd.

What’s on my agenda for this long lonesome trip?

Well first of all, it’s not going to be too lonesome. Once I land in Yangon, I shall be joining a group and I’ll be travelling with them to all the various destinations in Myanmar. The tour has been booked through Intrepid travel, I’ve never been on one of their tours before but from what I’ve heard, they’re pretty great.

Why did I decide to join a guided tour you might ask? After all, I’m a travel blogger, surely being able to travel and explore on my own are things I should be able to do without guided instructions. I booked it for three reasons: timing, safety and ease.

With just over ten days to explore, the last thing I wanted was to come back not having ticked everything I want to see off my list. When Mo and I went to Spain a few months ago we had no time whatsoever to plan beforehand and I knew with the state of our affairs these days, I would never have had the time to sit down and pre-plan a solo trip. There are many travellers who can jet off and wing it. Totally not me. I’m a planner, and if I can’t plan it, then I expect somebody else too!

Safety was also a slight concern for me travelling solo, working in travel risk I’m fully aware of the problems that are occurring at the border, and even though we are nowhere near, I wanted to feel the security of a group.

And finally ease… I can’t explain how much of a relief it is right now to know that I am not having to worry about how I’m getting from A to B. I cannot wait to just sit back and enjoy the view.

Hopefully it’ll be like this…


burma-bagan_balloons.image taken from


Whilst I’m away, I’ll be doing my utmost to share as much as I can, internet permitting, across social (perhaps a blog or two if I can manage it!) so please check them out 🙂 I’m on twitter, Facebook and Instagram – I’ll be posting on whichever works fastest! Hopefully Instagram as my mums got it downloaded on her phone, ready to see some pretty pics. Wouldn’t want to disappoint her now would I.

If you think of any tips or food suggestions (I really really love food suggestions!) then please drop me a line on any of my networks, or in the comments below. Better yet, if you’re out there right now let me know, cup of tea?

I also feel I need to warn you, in my absence there will be a couple of posts popping up by some of my Jet set chick crew, as they are attending a number of exciting events (WITHOUT ME!?!) over the next few weeks which I’d like them to share – ONLY if they think it’s something worth sharing though of course, they know the rules. Just try not to like their posts more than mine 😉

Right well I think that’s all for now, I’m going to get back to the important task of google searching new-travel-related-story-books-to-download-onto-kindle. I’ve got some long journeys ahead…



Any tips, tricks, advice for Myanmar? Or Hong Kong? Or how about a book recommendation? All advice welcome!! oh and thank you if you have already sent me stuff 🙂



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