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#GetMoreWinter with Crystal Ski

February 28, 2017


Recently I’ve been on a roll catching up on all things Myanmar but I’m afraid I need to interrupt this schedule of events to fill you in on my next upcoming trip, just in case you’re interested 😉

You may have already seen it pop up on social, or if you see me regularly, I’ve probably been doing your head in about it for the last few months. Basically, in three days time I will be departing for my first ever SKI TRIP!!!!

Why the capitals? Well, I have always wanted to go on one of these. So many of my friends seem to go regularly, or used to when they were younger… it’s one of these things everyone says at this time of year. I’ve always wanted to know what was so great about a ‘weekend on the slopes’ and why people seem to always go back for more.

Up until now, we’ve never been in a position to afford it – actually, perhaps we have but just haven’t seen the value in it… I’ll have to re-evaluate this statement after we return.

So, what’s the plan next week? Well it’s a good ‘un, this trip is one that I won (boy, that’s a mouthful) on a taster evening at the end of last year. I can’t actually believe the time has already come to get packing!!! Crystal Ski have been absolutely amazing and taken care of everything for us:



Flaine! Not sure where it is?Well, I had no idea either. Google tells me it’s a ski area tucked away in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps. We’re actually flying into Geneva though and then transferring to France by coach from there.




This is the first time in ages (ok not ages, but it feels like ages) that we’ll be travelling as the Fantastic Four! I’ve got my favourite people with me, plus a couple of new, lovely additions… (I say new, but they are actually some of our most beloved friends).



Out of our group of 6 only one of us can ski (FYI it’s definitely not me) and the rest of us have never been on a slope before – not counting my hour at Chill Factore.



Our base for the week will be a self-catered apartment from Pierre Vacances. The block itself is a ski-in-ski-out location (I heard that’s a good thing?) and we’re looking forward to exploring all the additional activities the resort offers.


picture taken from


What I’m taking:

No idea. As I said, I’ve never been skiing before, so all I know right now is that it is going to be cold but I may also tan. What on earth do you pack for that? (Totally confused but I like the sound of it)



Plan of action:


We’re going to be sensible and schedule in some professional ski lessons once we get there, but most of us are hoping to come back as fully fledged pro’s so practice will be the aim of the game once we’re there.



Crystal Ski holidays have been helping us along the way with a few tips and tricks on what to expect, but if you happen to have any valuable pieces of advice you think first time skiers need, I would really appreciate any help you can offer!!

And on that note, I best be off, I have to somehow figure out what I’m packing, what I’m doing and push past this cold that seems to have taken over my body just when I was hoping to build up my strength for the slopes.



Have you been skiing? Top tips? advice? Words of wisdom??


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