Getting back on Track

September 25, 2015

It’s been a whole twenty five days since I last logged on to my blog and I am feeling some serious withdrawal. I’ve definitely not lost interest and I definitely have NOT run out of things to talk about.

They say that bad things happen in threes. I’m hoping thats true because I’ve definitely had my fair share of the three this year. This summer has not only been p***-poor weather wise, but after having planned my social calendar to include numerous events and blogging work, I’ve near enough had my whole schedule wiped out and replaced with numerous hospital visits and days, even weeks of worry and treading water. My dad, grandmother and then finally my own hospital experience has taught me an important lesson, which has been extremely hard to get to grips with –

I just cannot plan everything.

Working full time, writing a blog, investing time in other new business activities… there is no way I could function without being completely militant with my google calendar and constantly writing and rewriting lists. I’m sure every other blogger out there knows the importance of planning, scheduling and the like. So to have that control taken away from me has been testing.

Today’s my first day back in front of a computer screen and it feels great! Before I was confined to my hospital bed, I had reached the stage where no sooner had I half boshed out a review on somewhere, I had also started collecting new ideas for something else and immediately move onto a new post. I seem to have accumulated a mountain of unfinished drafts waiting for their final read throughs, photo accompaniments or even just simply waiting for the publish button to be pressed.


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Now that I’m back on track, I’m determined to tackle that folder and be able to start putting out fresh content again. I’ve got a number of exciting trips and outings coming up over the next few weeks, personal and blogging-type ones:


Belated Anniversary Barcelona Trip

THIS trip excites me very much. I loved Barcelona last year, and thanks to #GoWithOh I’m finally going to be able to take Mo and show him why I think Barcelona is one of the best capital cities for art nuts, like us.

World Travel Market

WTM is one of the most important events in any travel professionals calendar. It’s an event that brings together industry professionals from all over the world to secure deals, network and share new content with the travel community – a community that involves bloggers! This will be my first time attending and I’m probably more nervous than excited, eek!

Friends Reunion Trip

Last year we enjoyed a wonderful weekend away in the Lake District at the Coppermines. Due to conflicting schedules we never managed to get away this summer but we have all set aside dates to do something this November. Location and activity are both TBC but I know it’ll be fun no matter where it is.


Of course, even though I’m preparing for and excited about all of the above… you just never know whats round the corner.

Lifeis what happens to youwhile you're busymaking other plans


Would love to hear any tips or recommendations people have on any of my upcoming trips above?? Especially any WTM tips! Please do share, any advice would be much appreciated 🙂

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