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Getting red carpet ready

November 27, 2016



I’m not big on fashion. Or beauty. Or make-up. Or anything that way inclined for that matter. What I wear, what I look like, never really requires much thought from me. Every so often though, I can pull off a decent looking outfit – but most of the time I put together some shockers!!

Well, this time last month, I was lucky enough to be invited to not one, but two award shows – The seriously amazing Asian Media Awards and a week later, the Portman Travel staff Awards. Both in Manchester. Both required me to make an effort to at least look half decent.

And so the struggle began… as usual, nothing ever goes smoothly when I need it too. The stress of work, deadlines and general commitments meant my skin was at its worst and I literally had no time to sort myself out, not just during the lead up but even on the day! (Seems to be a running theme at the moment) Luckily, one thing these occasions taught me is that in times of need sometimes crazy control freak people like me have to accept help. I am so grateful that Mo and I both have a fabulous network of friends, family and even great business connections, we’re lucky enough to always have people on hand to help:


Skin issues??? Enter Rejuvenate….

I normally have no major issues with my skin. But I never realised how much stress could actually affect it. I was in a right state. When I spoke to Leena at Rejuvenate I don’t think I even listened to what treatment she wanted to give me. I basically poured out my problems and asked her to fix it. Based in a super central location in the Northern Quarter, Rejuvenate is the perfect place for a skin – or body – pick me up. Considering how much time I’ve spent in this part of town I had never noticed it before, but they’ve actually been going strong for four years.



There are a range of treatments available from skincare to slimming, all non-invasive. A team of highly trained professionals and in super clean, professionally kitted out rooms spread over three floors. Clinic Manager, Leena, showed me some of the most popular techniques and machinery, such as mesotherapy and then after assessing my skin advised that the best thing for me at the moment was to have a fruit enzyme peel. It smelt great, it felt great and it didn’t take long at all (a key element when you’re pressed for time). It was the perfect treatment to try out pre-event, and more importantly it made a MASSIVE difference. Mo had been telling me for weeks to get a peel done to sort my face out, so he was super chuffed that I finally had and it had worked so well (probably more chuffed that he was right, for once).

I was quite sceptical at first about what difference it would make but I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely do it again! It was as relaxing as having a spa treatment, but satisfying to know that it’s also beneficial.


What to wear??? Enter Mo…

Deciding on an outfit always turns into a serious drama. Dress-gate was no different. I couldn’t find anything I liked. I literally must have ordered a gazillion dresses to try on and hated them all. By chance I stumbled on a website I’d never heard of before (I just don’t shop online) and it was here that Mo picked out a dress for me – one I wasn’t keen on at first, but Mo did the right thing and ignored my objections. As soon as it arrived home I loved it. Finally, a dress that didn’t make me look too short, too fancy and was the comfiest thing I’ve ever worn (yes that’s right I’m at that age where I need comfort!). Dress-gate was over and Mo and I survived it. Hallelujah!!


No time to get ready??? Enter the wonderful Faaiza….

Most Asian families are pretty big. Really big. Mo and I are no exception to this. Ours are huge. So it is impossible to get to know everyone. Faaiza, is a relative from Mo’s side, I knew her from Facebook and we’d met briefly once at a wedding but unfortunately never spent much time together. A lady of many talents, one of which is professional make-up artist, on this occasion, her fabulous skills came to my rescue. Faaiza was going into the city that evening (to check out the fabulous Vogue Exhibit) and en route, she popped in to fix me up. The only time I’ve ever had my make up done by a professional was my wedding day so this was a bit alien to me. But I’m no good at putting it on myself (no matter how many Youtube vids I watch), so I really did need some help.

I was also in the STRESSIEST mood after bad traffic, hair issues, no time – she calmed me right down and I don’t think I could have relaxed that evening had she not come over. Literally saved me from having a melt down, and somehow made my face look pretty in the process! If anyone is in need of a great MUA (I believe that is what they call a makeup artist in the world of social media, these days) then she is definitely your girl – – take my word for it, you’ll love her! Faaiza is perfect for me because she does not trowel the makeup on with a shovel and has a very natural style designed to enhance features. I would use her again in a heartbeat.



I had the BEST time at both events and I was so incredibly touched by all the support and love I received from friends and family! It was quite emotional actually, when you read encouraging messages from your nearest and dearest. Writing a blog isn’t as easy as a lot of people think, even harder when you work full time and have other commitments too. Sometimes, it can get so busy that there are moments you neglect those that you’re close to (unintentionally, of course!). So when something like this happens, it’s a great feeling to know that not only is the work you’re doing being appreciated, but also that even if you have been a bit shitty getting back to someones text (in some cases a LOT shitty!), they still love you and understand your current situation.

And although I didn’t win at either event (seriously, how hard does one have to work to win a damn trophy these days?!!? 😉 ) I was just very honoured to be nominated. And honoured to be invited and meet so many wonderful people. Honoured to be able to share the evening with my mother, who may not always get the whole blogging thing, but thats never stopped her pushing and supporting me however she can! And of course it’s always nice to have Mo by my side, my biggest fan and champion – poor thing doesn’t half put up with some serious grief from me 😉



Award winning or not, my blog is definitely my greatest achievement, it’s the one thing I’ve felt truly passionate about and through all its ups and downs I’ve still persevered and will continue to do so!

Oh, and I couldn’t end this post without using the most common phrase at any award show at least once:

There’s always next year…


*** Thank you to Leena at Rejuvenate and Faaiza for both stepping in to help me out in my time of need! My Rejuvenate treatment – fruit extract peel – was complimentary ***


Can you offer any advice on how to cope better in these situations? Am I the only one who finds looking nice so stressful!?!?!

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