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9 best places to keep your new year’s resolutions

January 18, 2017


It’s been two weeks since some of us started making new year’s resolutions. A number of studies show this is the time where people start to sink or swim, where most of us have had a slip and thoughts of giving up set in.

Last year I wrote myself a list of things to do in 2016 and unfortunately I just didn’t get a chance to get through it. But in the last two days, I’ve managed to tick three elements off that list all because of the opportunities made available to me whilst travelling.

Cheapflights recently published an article on places to visit around the world where you can break your New Year’s resolutions, which I absolutely loved! So many wonderful suggestions if you’re thinking of going bad 🙂

I thought this was the perfect opportunity for us to come up with some travel destinations that will help you keep them:


Resolution: Save money

Where to keep it: Budapest

Everything is cheap. Unless you want to drink alcohol, then not so much. But the food is cheap, there are lots of free or non-expensive attractions. The city itself is easy to walk around, so you really won’t need to bother with taxis. Of course if walking really isn’t your thing, don’t worry the public transport is accessible and easy to navigate and guess what? It’s cheap too!!



Resolution: Exercise

Where to keep it: Canada, Banff National Park

Can’t imagine a better place to get your fitness on. There is a lot of hype about Canada amongst travel bloggers these days and it only takes a glance at some of the photos to understand why. Banff National park is one of those places where you’ll want to stay outdoors every day. As well as observing the natural environment there’s so much more to explore… hiking, rowing, white water rafting and my favorite thing to do in a beautiful location, morning runs.



Resolution: Eat less

Where to keep it: Japan

Japan is definitely high up on my list of places where you can eat healthy without sacrificing taste. Here you can indulge in the less ‘heavy’ food groups like bread and pasta in exchange for some good clean living, lots of sushi, vegetables, miso. Although you may want to stay away from the tempura!



Resolution: Sleep more

Where to keep it: Maldives

Well I most certainly can’t think of anywhere more perfect. A collection of Islands in the Indian Ocean with an endless selection of perfect napping places. We were definitely spoilt for choice when we went: private deck, beach, hammock, bar loungers, day beds… the list goes on.




Resolution: Drink less

Where to keep it: Jordan, Petra

With the high temperatures you don’t want to be drinking too much. Unless it’s water, you’ll be needing plenty of that! Alcohol isn’t readily available so you’ll be away from temptation and there’s so much to see and do you’ll have no time to think about boozing.



Resolution: Reduce stress levels

Where to keep it: Retiro Maya yoga retreat Tulum, Mexico

Have you seen this place? No? You need to look it up now, it’ incredible and it’d the right place if you are in need of some quality r and r. Nothing helps you find your zen like a week away concentrating on breathing and muscle stretching in the glorious Mexican sunshine.



Resolution: Curb coffee addiction

Where to keep it: Chengdu, China

A tea haven, Chengdu will help you you turn that coffee addiction on it’s head and replace it with a love for all things green. Or white? You’ll be spoilt for choice. There’s a vast selection of new and exciting teas to try, you’ll be happy to give coffee a miss for a while.



Resolution: Digital detox

Where to keep it: Iceland

I keep bringing up Iceland recently, I just can’t seem to get enough of it at the moment, I’m definitely super keen to get a trip sorted some time this year. From what I’ve seen on endless blog posts by fellow bloggers, you’ll be too amazed by your surroundings to want to touch your Facebook account. Perfect place to switch off work emails and look into the stars. Who wants electronics while you’re relaxing in a hot spring anyway??


blue lagoon iceland


Resolution: Relax more

Where to keep it: Gili islands, Indonesia

Just thinking of Indonesia is making me feel all nostalgic. We never made it to the Gili islands but they look like the kind of place that would be a perfect to take some time out. Perhaps snorkel with sea turtles, indulge in poolside massage or plan spa days. And of course catch a sunset or two.




What do you think? Can you think of any better suggestions??


*** This post has been sponsored by – I genuinely loved their article and wanted to make my own version of it, all opinions on each destination are my own recommendations! ***



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