Lockdown struggles: If all else fails, Keep dancing

March 24, 2020

Today, I spent the morning in tears as I scrolled through my social feeds. Over the last few years I’ve struggled with understanding what is wrong with our world? Why do we have so much hate? Why aren’t we helping each other more? These thoughts weren’t just directed at others, a lot of my questions were also ones of self reflection.

Today I woke up and scrolled through posts from friends, family, online communities all sharing stories – some of happy moments they’re appreciating, sad and tough times they are trying to work through. Communities here in my home town that are doing everything they can to help each other, look out for one another. Workers that are throwing every part of their being into providing for us all as we deal with isolation.

Since starting my 2020 challenge and reducing plastic, we switched to milk deliveries at the end of last year. This morning I watched videos of local milk delivery companies being faced with unprecedented demand. So many people commenting saying they shouldn’t complain about the extra business – but what they’re forgetting is that they’re humans too and at a time where we are staying in to stay safe, they are out, working hard and providing a service that will keep us going.

Teachers, having to make the difficult decisions to go back into schools and support key worker children even though they’re worried about their own households, NHS staff who are really everything for us all right now. And more than anything we should remember every day just how lucky we are to have such a healthcare system that looks after EVERYONE. Not the rich, not just the ones who can afford insurance, our NHS is for each and every one of us. On our isolated walk the other day we walked past a couple of nurses sat outside being loud and being cheerful after a crazy long shift. The positivity shining out of these workers in such a difficult time is nothing short of admirable.

Whilst the people I just mentioned are working round the clock to support us, there are also many, many people who are having to deal with the stress of the complete opposite. Having their livelihoods come to a complete standstill. Watching my own husband wake up every morning, knowing that he will probably be faced with continuous rejection as his industry comes to a halt, and yet he still switches on his laptop, makes those calls, spends his whole day trying to make it work. I know he’s not alone, I’ve spoken to so many friends that are having everything they have ever known work wise disappear from their lives and yes the government are slowly introducing measure to help, but that doesn’t stop the sadness this brings when everything you’ve worked so damn hard for, just all of a sudden stops.

With all of this going on and being isolated at home the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming. Absolutely gut-wrenchingly overwhelming. The kindness from everyone has been surreal. Friends texting regularly to check on each other. Everyone I know has tried to spread joy or happiness where they can. Full time working from home and no Friday night radio, something I used to look forward to every week. Knowing how this would have got me down led my sister to organising a group video call with the family – where she along with my crazy bro and nephew hosted their version of the Dead Good Show – mum and dad doing their best posse impressions, definitely angling for roles on the actual show.



If you do find yourself getting sick of the doom and gloom and you’re looking for uplifting content, it’s definitely worth tuning into BBC Radio Manchester and hearing all the amazing stories from locals going above and beyond to look out for each other.

It’s in times like this that we truly begin to see the best of humanity. Where we finally get to see and appreciate how easy we have it. How lucky we are. I feel so unbelievably blessed to be part of the communities I’m in, online or otherwise. The friends I have, the family that drives me so crazy and even for the world around us. Here in Manchester as we all start to feel the cabin fever out comes the sun to remind us how beautiful this world is and that we are so, so lucky to be here and part of it.

For those of you that are on your own – reach out – let’s get through this together ❤

For those of you dealing with the loss of loved ones – I am so sorry, I wish I could come and see you, hug and support you. Know that I am doing that virtually ❤

For those of you that have been checking up on me and my family – I love you, thank you and you are all so special ❤



I hope when all this is over, and it will be over soon (God willing), I hope we all remember these feelings we’ve had and the appreciation for life, for each other and we carry on with our habits of reducing waste, being conscious of people around us and wanting to go out of our way to help others.

For now, I look forward to feeling inspired by you all everyday as you share your brave messages of honesty, of guidance and also those that are trying to make us all laugh and keep sane.

If you have any creative ideas that you’d like to share to inspire others on what they can do whilst they’re stuck inside, do share them. Alongside Islamic Art Prints, we’re opening up a creative space to encourage people to get into arts and crafts. Along with writing on here, art has always been my personal go to way of relaxing.




And finally if all else fails, get yourself a bloody good playlist and have a dance.

Definitely helped me get over my tears this morning ❤



Stay safe humans. And remember to keep thinking about others elsewhere in the world.

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