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Made it to 100 !!

November 11, 2015

I actually can’t quite believe I’ve made it to one hundred blog posts?! Blogging has been something I’ve done for over ten years, my first public blog was actually back in 2011 where I started blogging about my new kitten to share funny stories with my family (said kitten is now a very large-very opinionated cat). Since then I’ve dabbled in and out of different websites, helped friends and colleagues and then finally started ‘Jet Set Chick’ around a year and a half ago and haven’t looked back since.

I might have been a baby about turning 30 but I am pretty pleased with hitting the big 1-0-0 post mark. Here are a few top picks from the archives before I finally move onto the next century…


Most Read Post:

A New Years Eve To Remember on Board the Apsara Twilight Cruise

This was the most magical New Years Eve I have ever experienced. I have always been a big fan of seeing in the New Year. Usually because it means fireworks, friends, symbolises new beginnings… but most importantly it means time to write up a whole load of new lists! (Yes after 100 posts you should know I am actually that sad). 


My Personal Favourite:

A Final Farewell to my Twenties. It’s been special.

It’s ironic that on this milestone 100th blog post my personal favourite one to write was the one where I wrote about another milestone in my life, hitting the age of 30. I wrote it on the day of my birthday and I loved looking back over all the good and bad times I’ve had and how they made the person I am today.


My Favourite Blogger Event:

The Busaba Eathai Cookery Class Experience

Part of the Traverse15 bloggers weekend, the Busaba Eathai Cookery class was a really fun afternoon. Not only did we get to learn and spend time with a truly talented chef, but it was nice to meet bloggers from different niches to hear about their journeys. After spending most of the previous day in lectures, it was a perfect end to my weekend in Kingston.


Favourite Trip so far:

All of them??

Waaaaay too hard! I really wanted to pick one for this but I can’t. Each new country, city, town I have visited brings something different, something new to my life. I guess thats the best thing about writing this blog, I can look back on my old posts and remember all those great moments time and time again.


Thanks to all that have stuck with me and actually take the time to visit and read my blog. I hope some of you have found my travel tips helpful, destinations inspirational or simply enjoyed laughing with me at some of the unfortunate moments I’ve shared.

I’ve had a busy week at the World Travel Market and there’s lots of new content in the pipeline which I hope you’ll enjoy, so stick with me!

To thank all of you for reading and sharing I even have some giveaways lined up in the very near future, watch this space…


Thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me through all the mad and crazy times (especially pre-meal photoshoots which I know drive some of you crazy).

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