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May 24, 2017


These last few days have been hectic. Chaotic. Quite unbelievable. I’ve barely slept. Hardly focused. Every normal thought completely thrown out of the window. I always said I never want to be the type of person to give special treatment to attacks just because they are happening in the Western world, to ones that are close to home. After all, in my job in travel alerts, I see tragedies on a daily basis – most of which are usually much more horrific than anything that tends to happen in Europe.


Mo quite rightly pointed out to me yesterday, that this is not the time to be looking for fairness, for answers. This is a time to respect those that have lost their lives and loved ones. And as this has happened in THIS city, OUR city, MY city I couldn’t not write something.

Manchester is a city that has adopted Mo and I (Mo for a lot longer) and one that we can’t see ourselves ever leaving.

I don’t want to go back over what has happened, I don’t want to become overcome with emotion (for once), I just want to let you know why I LOVE Manchester:


We throw some great parades,

and seriously fun parties too.

The banter is brilliant.

The architecture, old and new, is pretty fab.

We accept EVERYONE.

There is Diversity. Everywhere.

It’s a city with amazing history.

A city that stands up for whats right,

and makes the effort to show support

when something has gone wrong.

The hometown of brilliant creatives from all over the art world.

Game changers when it comes to music.

And even though I constantly complain about the traffic,

I secretly don’t mind it.

Our street art is awesome.

When we celebrate, we include everyone.

The food scene is as good as the Capital.

There’s always something to do whatever your budget.

Our symbol is a bee as we’re a city built on hard work

 and community spirit.

It’s not all about being for show,

we like to keep it real.

Most importantly of all,

the only thing that can make any city truly great,

is the people.

And we’re a f***ing good bunch!


Manchester bee stay strong


*** My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is dealing with hardship and pain today.

And of course to everyone here in Manchester. ***

If you haven’t already seen this, watch it now! I am sharing the MEN video as they have been absolutely fantastic at reporting the situation.


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