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Morrissey Boutique Hotel, our home in Jakarta

September 7, 2014

My sister was living in Jakarta when we made the decision to fly out to Indonesia. The Morrissey hotel was one she recommended we look at. We checked it out and it looked good, price was reasonable and it was in a great location. Sorted. No other research necessary, we booked it there and then.

Because of our travel itinerary we booked two separate stays, four nights at the start of our holiday through and two nights at the end with Both were equally priced, we purely used the two sites because of availability.

We arrived at the hotel pretty late on in the night so didn’t really have time to take it all in. We checked in, went up to our room and as we had started to feel peckish, ordered some Burger King delivery (that’s right – middle of the night and they deliver, I heart Jakarta!) had a catch up with my baby sister and then went straight to bed.


The next day we didn’t have a lot planned apart from exploring the city and recovering from our travels. So as usual I bounced out of bed early doors to sort out our stuff ready for the days ahead.

The room was a great size. Big windows, flat screen TV, large bed with a frosted glass partition that separated it from the sofa seating area. The bathroom housed the toilet and shower, the sink was outside. The kitchenette area was compact but had everything you’d need, good size wardrobe and everything in the room was clean and modern in design. There were loads of power sockets in the room which was great for us as we could charge our collection of mobile and camera devices all at the same time. There is a communal smoking area on one of the floors as well for those who need it. We were dead happy with everything we saw.

The hotel has a rooftop infinity pool which we loved and used quite a lot during the day (and night), great outdoor seating area and the views from the top were really impressive, considering we hadn’t paid above the odds for this hotel.


Now, the pool water is a bit cold so it does take your breath away (that could be me being a wuss) BUT we were there in the height of summer so it was a blessing. It was nice to perch looking over the infinity edge, in the cool water with the sun beating down.

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The breakfast in the morning is served in the café area by the reception. Usual hotel stuff, eggs, beans, toast etc. they had lovely waffles and pancakes too.  It did get really busy when we went though and there were times where we had to pounce on tables. I think this is probably due to us being there around the time of Indonesia Independence day so I’m sure the hotel was pretty full from that.

There is a fab restaurant in the hotel, Ocha and Bella, which we LOVED! Loved enough to warrant its own post in the future so I won’t go on about it too much here. All I’ll say is If you are at the Morrissey, you must try and have an evening meal here.

Location wise, we were really happy. Jalan Jacksa, a road housing a lot of trendy bars runs alongside the hotel. Now we weren’t really there for the bars but we’ve heard that they tend to have good street festivals, during our stay we actually saw an outdoor concert being held round the corner which looked cool. Considering the concert was practically next door, within the hotel we didn’t hear a thing, totally soundproof.


The main road is very busy but there’s plenty of useful places around should you wish to have a mooch (I will have a separate post on road issues and getting around in Jakarta as it was quite a culture shock for us). Pharmacist and cash machine was next door, super handy as Mo started showing symptoms of a cold the day we got there.

Shopping complex and restaurants are only a 10-15minute walk away and there are plenty of taxis zipping past. The best thing to do if you are looking for one is ask at reception and they’ll sort it all out for you. We used to call down and book our taxis, and it was always ready on time for us.

We would without a doubt stay at this hotel if (and when) we return to Jakarta. It became like home to us. We were in and out at all times of the day and not once did we have any issues with noise, safety or staff. I did a post earlier on our mini stay at the Four Seasons in Jakarta, and yes it was an incredibly luxurious hotel but we were actually really excited to come back to the Morrissey for our last few nights in Jakarta. We were on the type of holiday where we wanted to be out exploring, taking in as much of the city as possible and this hotel was ideal for just that. We were really sad to leave and even though we’ve no plans to go back at the minute I signed up for their email newsletter so that once in a while I receive a little reminder of how lovely a place it was.

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