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Must have apps for travellers

February 9, 2017

must have travel apps


Some time ago I shared a selection of my favourite must have apps. As new ones come and go, I’m always looking out for the latest tools to help organise and capture my life. The best thing about travelling as a group is not only do you always have company when you want it, but you can learn so much from said company! And I definitely picked up some great app tips.

I want to share my latest downloads, hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do. And this time I’ve made it super easy for you to get them, clicking the links will take you to a separate page where you can download them straight away – should you wish to of course 🙂



1 second everyday app

1 second everyday

Click here to download

This is by far the best thing I have seen app wise for a traveller. If you’ve always wanted to make your own video, you will LOVE THIS. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get it till late on in my trip, but the lovely Libby who told me about it had been creating hers from the start of her travels and it was fantastic (it helps that Libby is extremely talented and has a great eye for film and photography).

There is no skill or filming experience needed… you simply film one second of your day and add it to the app and it will do the rest. Creating a fluid montage of your moments, each date stamped at the bottom.

The only real downside, is you can only add just the one video clip for that specific date, it pulls video based on the day you filmed It. You can have several videos on the go if you really wanted to, but I actually think the restriction makes it all the more exciting – ensuring you have to choose just that one moment you want to remember.

Download it, have a play with it and please do show me what you make! I love watching them 🙂


xe currency converter appXE Currency Converter

Click here to download

I always said to myself I do not need one of these apps. Turns out I do. When you have to convert pounds, to US dollars, to Hong Kong Dollars, to Burmese Kyat… boy does it get confusing. I had no idea what I was doing sometimes. And my maths was all over the place.

I needed this app to keep me check until I got my head around the figures. I found the XE app was super fast and also super simple. I haven’t really explored any others, but I didn’t feel the need to when this one worked just fine.


waterlogue appWaterlogue

Click here to download – only available on apple

Another creative type addition. Taken a picture that just doesn’t look all that great? Well waterlogue is ready to help you turn those not so clear photos into a work of art. Not for everyones taste, but if you’re travelling and can’t afford to invest in a handmade piece of art, this is a fabulous way to use one of your own photo’s to create an impressive masterpiece.

It reminded me of the watercolour filters I used to completely ignore on photoshop, but this app does a much better job and after playing around with some of your pics, I’m confident you’ll create one that’s wall worthy.


skyscanner appSkyscanner

Click here to download

Now, I do know I mentioned this must have app the last time around. BUT I am emphasising how important it is after the drama I had flying back to Manchester. When I was in a position where I needed to book a new flight asap to catch my Hong Kong transfer, the skyscanner app was definitely the quickest and cheapest way for me to get what I needed. When time and money is of the essence, this app will seriously be your lifesaver!

Last minute flight dramas aside, it’s a great one to have when you’re feeling wanderlust-y. There’s that fabulous everywhere feature, but also I love to just sit and have a play, look for what flights are cheap from my local airport, sometimes that’s all it takes to inspire an impromptu affordable trip.


google trips appGoogle trips

Click here to download

As a massive fan of google-related products, my opinion might be a tad bit biased on this one. I love google and when I saw google trips, I couldn’t help but get it. But I actually really like it! I love how it tracks all my previous holiday itineraries as well as future ones. Whenever I am creating a schedule or making a plan on what to do on holiday google is generally my number one go to, so it makes sense to be able to search and save directly onto my planner.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t fully explored the app to it’s full capacity just yet, but from what I’ve seen so far, I have a feeling it’s going to be a keeper!



*** Big thanks to dear friends for sharing their photography skills and app knowledge with me – If you want to see some AMAZING photos, check out their websites:

Libby is still travelling, so it’s worth following her blog, her words and photos are fabulous ***



What do you think of my suggestions? Have you got any of these must have apps? Can you recommend any others???


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