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Oxygen Freejumping Manchester, Let curiosity lead the way

June 20, 2016

Oxygen Freejumping


I had no idea whatsoever what Oxygen Freejumping was, but I knew three things.

1 – there was jumping involved
2 – the founder of free running and an Olympian would be there
and 3 – the jumping mentioned in point 1 was unlimited for the evening.

Needless to say, fasting or not, I was in! Trampolining is a sport that although isn’t relatively new, is one that has boomed in popularity over the last few years. Since the first trampoline park opened here a few years ago, more have followed, each as successful as the other and last Friday I was invited to the launch night of Manchester’s newest addition – Oxygen Freejumping.

I am bursting to tell all about this place but rather then set off into some kind of mad rant, I’m going to break this down. First things first:


Where is it?

Unlike many of the others, this one isn’t situated in an industrial park, instead you’ll find it at Trafford Quays Leisure Village, right opposite Chill Factore (2 minutes from the Trafford Centre). The Chill Factore is a good sight to aim for (you really can’t miss it) and the best thing for drivers, there is ample free parking.

As it’s so close to the Trafford Centre, public transport isn’t an issue either. The nearest bus stop is at the Trafford Centre bus station and from there it’s just a few minutes walk to the Leisure Village (it’s signposted).


What is Oxygen Freejumping?

No, it is not jumping up and down in a room where the oxygen is sucked out (yes, this scenario did cross my thought path many a time). It is quite simply a trampoline park. I say simply but it’s not quite that simply. It’s a trampoline park with a twist. No, not a twist – a concept.

Oxygen aims to take trampolining to a whole new level with its parks, making them open to everyone from families to competitive sportspeople. So no matter what your age, size, fitness level or experience, they encourage you to slip on some socks and have a go.



How does it work? 

Ideally, if you know when you want to go, it’s probably best to book online. The system allows you to book a timed slot and voila, the trampoline park is yours to explore for an hour!

You can just show up on the door too, but places like this usually fill up pretty quick. Only a certain number of people are in every session, to stop over crowding and time being wasted having to wait around for space to jump.


What facilities do they have?

A lot. There’s 150 connected trampolines, an obstacle course, foam pit, slam dunk basketball hoops, dodgeball, volleyball, interaction zones, a runway and airbag!

Apart from everything listed above, these guys have really thought about creating an enjoyable experience for everyone. So not only is it this mega fun-tastic bouncing playground, it also has a cafe area (with free wifi) and a viewing gallery that looks out over the whole park. Perfect for any parents who aren’t up to jumping themselves. Grab a drink, grab a seat and that’s one hour of blissful ‘you’ time whilst the kids bounce to their hearts content.



How was the launch?

Three words (I’m all about the three’s today): SO. MUCH. FUN.

I took my Fantastic Four crew with me that night, even though everyone was fasting, noone wanted to miss out. We were given trampoline socks and tshirts, which we happily donned for the evening (even though it meant a lot of people approached us assuming we worked there). Once our belongings were stored safely in the lockers and we’d sat through the safety video, we headed straight off to the trampolines and sprung ourselves into action.

The staff throughout the evening were excellent. They really were all excited and genuinely happy to get things off the ground – of course safety was paramount and no exceptions were made (every good parent and sensible adults dream). They were happy to demo skills and encourage us to get moving and get playing.



We stopped only to watch the official ribbon cutting by the Founder of free running and James Bond star, Sebastien Foucan; 2012 Olympian and Double World Champion trampolinist, Kat Driscoll and the CEO of Oxygen David Stalker.

I was also lucky enough to be given the opportunity to have a chat with each of them and I’m so glad that I did as all three were inspiring in their own individual fields, it was hard to tear ourselves away from them. You can read how it went here, I really couldn’t condense it down enough to fit into this post!



We went home that night mega thirsty (we’d been without food or drink for 18 hours at that point) but also on a real high.


And now the final million dollar question…

Would I go again?

Oh wow absolutely! I can’t wait to go again! With my nephew and niece coming over to visit in the next few weeks I am so excited to introduce those two little O’s to the park (no selfish agenda hidden in there whatsoever). Not only that, but we already have friends and family planning dodgeball sessions and wanting to learn more about free running which is amazing.

One of the things I loved about this place was that there was a plan (yes a plan! I love plans!). It wasn’t just a warehouse with a whole load of trampolines thrown in. The whole floor space had been creatively designed, thinking of all types of people: parents, toddlers, teenagers and of course adults. At no point did we feel out of place bouncing around with a crowd of pre-teens and pre-schoolers (not sure if we should have?).

There’s also a lot in store for the future. Throughout the summer more and more activities are going to become available. Dodgeball tournaments, fitness classes (I’m all over this one), School of Trampolining, Foucan Freerunning Academy, DJ nights and much more.

My favourite thing about this plan of theirs, it is an exact product of their brand definition:

Oxygen Freejumping (verb)
/ox-ee-jen free-jum-ping/

1 – To leap high into the air and express oneself through dynamic movement
2 – To experience a unique feeling of temporary flight
3 – To have a ridiculously good time

And all of that above (three’s again!?!) is exactly what you’ll get. A  place to release your inner child. Or your actual child. Or both.



*** Thank you to Oxygen for inviting me to their incredible Launch night. ***

*** As Always all opinions on here are 100% my own ***


To mark the jump to the next level after signing its tenth trampoline park, Oxygen also announced the WE ARE TEN campaign. A campaign celebrating them becoming the largest trampoline park operator in the UK.

All the way up until the 10th July, you can bring a friend for FREE using promo code: FRIEND50. Click here to book.

Oxygen is also looking to support 10 charities in Manchester as part of the campaign. That’s always a great way to spring into business (cheap shot. couldn’t help it.)


I know it’s pretty new, but have you tried Oxygen freejumping yet? Do you remember the last time you were on a trampoline?


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