Postcard challenge

In all my years of travelling I have hardly ever sent a postcard and I decided that this would be a fun thing to add as one of my challenges before I turned 30. So on the 29th April 2013 I committed to share my travels with a nominated postcard buddy. I didn’t quite make it to 30, but it’s a challenge I’ve decided to carry on, sending postcards to friends as I carry on my journey.

If you’ve read any of my blog you’ll know I’m not one for keeping it short, so although postcard writing is a lot of fun, it’s really hard! Every time I sit down with my pen I am completely stumped. I think the pressure of the small white box to write within throws me off, leading to spelling mistakes, losing my thought path mid sentence, hand cramp from writing too fast when borrowing pens from strangers… and so on.

Here’s the ones I’ve sent so far:

Have you got any great postcard writing tips? Do you ever get writers block?

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