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Review: Sushi Samba: Sushi with a view

July 16, 2014

review Sushi Samba London


There are lots of great places to eat and visit in London but Sushi Samba should be top of your list. After much praise from friends and Elle decoration’s fabulous review on the restaurant interiors, we decided to book a table for lunch on our crazy weekend in the city. Disappointed we were not.

On walking into the main door and joining the queue we watched as groups of people who hadn’t made bookings got turned away (so that’s one tip, always book) and on confirming our reservation we were directed to the private glass elevator to take us up to the restaurant. What a treat! The elevator climbed the heights smoothly, at ease and at a speed which wasn’t loitering but not roller coaster crazy either.



As we stepped off the lift and walked towards the restaurant the first area you encounter is the bar which is a nice cosy size, full length windows looking out over the city and an outdoor area which is stunning. I won’t give away too much as I think some things are nice left as a surprise. We ordered ourselves a couple of non-alcoholic mojitos – expensive – but extremely tasty so we let it slide. we had some time to pass so we sat on some stools right by the window and just took in the sights.

At exactly 2pm we went through to our table, by the window, and sat down to study the menu. Once again, décor of the restaurant is one to appreciate once you’re there, simple, stylish and very Elle Decoration worthy! Now the menu is a whole different story. The waiter kindly explained how many dishes he recommended and we were happy to follow his advice (which turned out to be just right). The dishes listed all sounded mouth watering and exciting and we couldn’t wait to tuck in!



As halal-ies we were of course limited to fish and vegetarian options but there was still plenty to choose from. I have never really been a fan of sushi. Mo has always loved it and we would occasionally eat out at ‘Yo Sushi’ however I would generally stick to the cooked options on offer. Sushi Samba was a choice I made as a treat to Mo, but I thought it would also be a great place for me to try and digest some raw fish.

I loved it and it has made me so much more adventurous when tasting new cuisines, I even managed to enjoy the ceviche. My opinion probably isn’t the best one to go from as this was my first time experiencing a real sushi meal but Mo, an experienced sushi taster, thought it was the best sushi he had ever had. And he still stands by that today.



We had such a lovely time that afternoon and the best bit was receiving the bill. For a restaurant perched above the city with such phenomenal food we were expecting to break the bank. So when our meal came in around the £60 mark Mo and I nearly fell on the floor with shock. Not to bad for London prices and it meant we wouldn’t have to save future visits for special occasions.

Great place to take a group of friends, have a romantic date or just indulge in some great Japanese sushi. I’ve been told on Friday/Saturday nights they have a live band which is meant to really bring the place to life, something to look out for. We’ve been to places like the Shard where the views are spectacular, but why not go somewhere that combines the views with food? If you’re on a tight schedule whilst in London, like we normally are, efficiency is everything.


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