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Show your Colours: Reeves Rebrand event, Manchester

September 29, 2017


What a random but not so random event. Do you even know who Reeves are? Well as someone who has had an interest in art for as long as I can remember I knew them as quality art suppliers as a number of their products sit nestled in my very old art box.

So what kind of event can an art and craft supplier put on that would interest every day people and bloggers. Well this was it, it was called ‘Show your colours.’ I wasn’t at all sure what to expect, I just assumed it would be arty and with the chaos I had been living and working in at that time I felt that no matter what, I needed this.

You know what, even if I don’t think you’re creative, if you don’t feel you have an artistic streak I seriously challenge you to try and activity evening such as this and not feel it have been of some benefit!

Reeves were celebrating their recent rebrand, they were going bold, striking and they had collaborated with artists and creatives to come up with template postcards and flip books to allow the rest of us to unleash some of our inner artist. The Manchester event was hosted at Foundation coffee house, I arrived met with the team had a look around and then parked myself down at a window bench surrounded by paints and colours and brushes. There were mini cacti pots, terracotta pots screaming for us all to show our colours and I got stuck in.



Not a care in the world. I didn’t glance at the time. I didn’t even glance at my phone, apart from the few times I picked it up to take a few pictures. I wanted this time for me. This is why art has always played such an important role in my life. Art has this ability to literally lift every worldly concern every worry and stress and fully relax every part of my being, and I wholeheartedly feel it can do the same for you too – if you truly let it. There is no wrong, no right, no fixed way of doing anything it’s all down to your own interpretation and imagination.



Ok I wasn’t completely anti-social, I was sat with Steph, who I met at the Viking arty party back in April and two new friends Ewan and Kiran, all bloggers 🙂 (I’ve dropped their links at the end)

I only wish Reeves were around every week… although they very kindly sent us off with a parting gift, one that I can assure you I will be putting to good use. For some people coming home and sitting in front of the tv might be the ideal way to relax. But that’s never been the case for me. So I look forward to adding these new tools to my old ones and making sure I take some time once in a while to unleash my creativity.



Have you ever tried art as a relaxation tool? Or does the thought of creativity have the opposite effect?


Some bloggers to check out 🙂






*** Thank you to Reeves for inviting us to join them at their event and for allowing us to have such a relaxing evening in the busy city of Manchester ***


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