Lebua Bangkok review romantic evening
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Throwback Thursday: Review of Sirocco, Lebua, Bangkok

August 25, 2016

Lebua Bangkok review romantic evening


So today I’ve been thinking back on some of the great experiences I’ve had in the past, and I thought I’d do a #ThrowbackThursday to when we were in Thailand.

Anyone familiar with Bangkok will more than likely be familiar with the Lebua. This gold-domed building dominates the Bangkok skyline and when you are weaving through the traffic on the back of a tuk-tuk, this iconic building is simply one you can’t mistake.

Whilst researching our trip to Thailand (you can read more about it here), we knew that one of our meals simply had to be at the Sirocco Restaurant, located at the top of the Lebua – the 63rd floor to be precise.

Some months prior to our trip, we emailed the restaurant to book our table. We were going to be there between Christmas and New Year – a peak holiday season in Thailand, and we knew the place would be booked out. Mo emailed and provided credit card details to seal the deal. Despite the time difference between Thailand and the UK, the communication was swift and clear. Mo also clarified whether there would be a halal option and they confirmed there would almost certainly have halal options for us. Win win!

We arrived at night by cab and there was a huge BUZZ outside. People (mostly tourists), clamouring for the nightclub (also located inside the hotel), some simply heading to the Sky Bar and some to the Sirocco for dinner. We were gently ushered into lines depending on our final destination (!!) and before we knew it, were in a dimly lit lift capsule heading up to the 63rd floor at some speed – our ears popped en route.

At the top, we were blown away. The whole bar and restaurant area, though busy, seemed very tranquil. We had left the sweaty busy humidity of Bangkok on the street. Up here, the temperature was perfect, a warm breeze enveloped us as we made our way down the stairs to the Maitre D – who was there to greet us with a trademark Thai smile. We were made to feel as though they knew exactly who we were and that they had been looking forward to seeing us. Not the stuffy type of service you get from some high-end, luxury restaurants. Our waiter showed us to our table – and the view was simply incredible.



We were overlooking the heart of metropolitan Bangkok, gorgeous lights twinkling at us from neighboring buildings and from hundreds of meters on the ground below. What a spectacular setting, the perfect place to bring the one you love for a special date night.

The waiter knew immediately that we were halal eaters, we didn’t even have to remind him. He pointed out (unprompted) the things we could and could not eat. It was very refreshing. Mo ordered his obligatory fresh mango juice (which he had had on every day of the trip) and I ordered a mocktail.

Drinks in hand and food ordered, we got to spend the rest of our night enjoying the restaurant, view and of course, each other’s company. The food itself is on-par with anything we have ever had at any luxury restaurant, beautifully cooked and as you would expect, exceptional presentation. We never felt rushed, even though they were clearly very busy.

What sets apart a good restaurant from an excellent one, other than food, is the pacing of the service. And the service here was impeccably timed. We honestly could not have asked for anything more. One thing they make clear at the time of booking is the dress-code – being an upmarket establishment they do try to maintain a certain standard, so be sure to adhere or you may find yourself in an awkward situation at the front desk. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really do glamour. But this is one place even I was happy to doll myself up for (got to make an effort once in a while hey).

We left wishing the night would never end and one thing is for certain, if we do ever return to Bangkok one day, the Lebua is one place we will definitely want to visit again. Perhaps to stay? I guess we had better start saving now…


Have you stayed or dined at the Lebua? Or tried any of the other restaurants with a view in the crazy city that is Bangkok? 

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