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Ski tips: Super Six share their thoughts

March 23, 2017


I’ve mentioned many, many times now that my ski trip to Flaine this year was in fact my first ski trip ever.

Before I go into the in’s and out’s about what went down during our week with Crystalski, I decided whilst it was still fresh in our minds to collect a couple of tips from my travel companions on what they would advise people who find themselves on their first trip.

I mentioned in my pre-trip post that out of our group of six, four of us were complete beginners, one had skied before but her last trip was many years ago and the sixth member of our group is a seasoned skier (borderline professional!).

So I asked a simple question and received a heap of responses, including some of my own, so I’ve decided to split them into sections to make things a wee bit easier:


Tips from Beginners on skiing:

If there’s a few of you, it’s much more cost effective to book a private group lesson

Lean forward when you think you’re going to fall

Ski as much as possible!!

Look ahead instead of at your skis

Don’t cross your skis on the button lift. You WILL fall.

Stretch before and after skiing

Carrying skis is a b*%&$

Walking down stairs in ski boots is also a b*%&$

If you think you’re going to fall, don’t sit on your arse. It wont help.

Don’t pull the ski lift bar down without checking if everyone’s sitting back – head concussions are not what people want

When lifting the bar up, check all skis are off – not everyone can do the splits


private ski group


Tips from a (pretty-much) Professional on skiing:

Push past your instincts and try to lean forward

Rise up just before your turn and plant your pole, try to crouch a little as you come round

Don’t be afraid to let your ski’s face down the slope. It’s a leap of faith but worth every bit of balls

Stop at restaurants and cafes with a view, look out for them when you’re on the slopes

Use restaurant time for toilet breaks, you don’t want to be panicking later on


Tips on ski gear:

Ladies – wear a sports bra

A snood is an essential piece of kit

Plasters – ski boots can give you blisters

Pack for both warm and cold weather – confusing I know, but trust us

Take a good waterproof backpack for carrying a few extra warm layers or perhaps to hold discarded layers later on in the day

If you can get a water pouch in your backpack do it, you’ll be more inclined to stay hydrated

If you plan on going regularly, buy your own gear – it’s worth it in the long run

When you buy your own goggles, remember to remove the protective film inside. You’ll see much more clearly (literally. And yes my sis and I both realised this a few days in)

Bright colours and helmet ears ROCK – makes it easy to spot friends on the slopes



(I’ll be posting a more comprehensive post on packing essentials in the next few weeks so look out for that!)


Tips that were shared,

but aren’t necessarily useful:

Don’t take your wife who hasn’t skied in years on a blue slope on the first day

Don’t trust a run when it says it’s blue (I think this ones in retaliation to the tip above)

Kids make great barriers when you need to slow down

Choose your relaxing times wisely – Apres-ski Jacuzzi visit will be guaranteed people soup

Beware of dice (apparently they’re evil??)

If the shuttle bus is heading towards your stop, push the button or get off at the next stop. Don’t just stay on and do nothing!?!?

Never get introduced to games you love but can’t win (bananagrams became a night-time addiction)

Carrots diffuse every situation (yes these people I travel with are THAT weird)

Geneva airport will test your patience


Tips on picking a resort:

Pick a resort that suits you and your groups needs

Make sure there are enough slopes to suit everyones capabilities

When it comes to budgeting, plan ahead – eating out and shopping for food isn’t cheap

If you can choose one that is ski in/ski out, do it! so much easier

Travel with like-minded people (that goes for all trips if you can control it)

Try to have at least one person in your group who is at a similar level to you



Tips on what to pack:

Bananagrams – not ski-specific, this is an essential staple that should be carried on all group holidays

Packet noodles – light to pack and hit the spot nicely after a day out in the cold

Crushed crisps are better than no crisps

Boiled eggs make great snacks (for airport queues in our case – but that’s another story)

Take Dave, or someone of similar experience, to help you out when you’re falling all over the place on the slopes


Last but not least,



It really is awesome 🙂



What tips have we missed out? Anything you think I need to add on???


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