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Another September spent in sunny Spain

September 23, 2016


After just over a week travelling up and down spain Mo and I have come away with wonderful memories. Like every trip theres a nice mix of good, bad and the highly hilarious. But we both know this won’t be the last time we visit this region and as usual we’re already getting excited thinking of when we could return (we seem to do this a lot when we go someplace new?!?)

I posted a number of pics on my instagram before I completely filled my phone storage and had to delete apps to create valuable picture space.



I thought I’d round up some of our highlights and lessons learnt from our Spanish microadventure:


  • Being unprepared or having no plan is all good, BUT if there is someplace you want to visit – always check opening times;


  • Like every good city there’s lots of touristy things to do in Madrid, my favourite by far was relaxing at Retiro Park on a row boat, basking in the sunshine – highly recommend;


  • The R-roads are the toll roads. Worth bearing in mind when you’re planning a driving route (and you’re on a budget!);


  • Ale-Hop is the greatest store EVER. I already miss it;


  • There are loads of beautiful viaducts when you’re on the road, (particularly in the south), and they can be a bit unnerving when you’re driving, if you’re scared of heights like me;


  • When they tell you to pre-book the Alhambra Palace they’re not just saying that so you avoid the queues. At this time of year, you will not get tickets on the door. For days. Possibly weeks;


  • If you’re in a fancy place but the food is less then 5 euros per person, there will always be a reason. In Brillante, Cordoba we experienced fine dining courtesy of Dr Oetker. Face. Palm. (Mo wanted to die – of shame);


  • If you get a chance when you’re in Granada, walk the historic route in the  Albaicin, its a great way to explore the nooks of the city;


  • All the machines are polite over here, parking meters, barriers even petrol pumps say gracias;


  • Night time drivers – if you’re in the south you’ll find street lighting is a rareity. Oh and Mo found it quite tricky getting used to not having cats eyes on the road either;


  • There are fruit trees everywhere! From orange and lemon, to avocado and pomegranate. Look out for them, they’re pretty spectacular;


  • Muslims in non-halal restaurants (and non-meat eaters) – you might want to remember to check your food is ‘sin carne’ as sometimes that carne can sneak into things you wouldn’t think of like potatoes or scrambled eggs;


  • If you’re in the south, check out Sol FM radio station, loved the non stop spanish music it was pouring out;


  • Locals tend to mind their own business but they were always friendly and helpful whenever we interacted with them;


  • Nuevas Arenas restaurant opposite the beach in La Herradura had the most amazing fish dishes!!! Really reasonably priced too (13€ per person for a 3 course meal with bread and drinks!);


  • Last but not least – sunshine. What I enjoyed most of all was soaking in days of warm and glorious sunshine.


Time to head back to ‘sunny’ Manchester where I’ll be swapping my flip flops for a christmas jumper, ready for the Blog On conference this Sunday. Always good to have something to look forward to so the holiday blues don’t kick in, no?



Can you think of any other tips for those thinking of an adventure round Spain? Anyone heading to Blog On this Sunday??

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