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Sushi with Starck at Miss KO Paris

July 23, 2014

With Mo’s birthday weekend in Paris booked, I searched the internet for a place to stay. I remembered once coming across a Philippe Starck hotel and instantly wanted to find it, which I did but unfortunately, it was out of budget for this trip.

What I did come across by sheer luck was a restaurant that he had designed the interiors for – Miss KO Paris. It only took one look at the home page to know I’d found a gem. First and foremost I checked the menu, it looked great. From a halal perspective, all vegetarian dishes were clearly labelled and there was plenty of pescetarian dishes on offer too. Menu aside, as a designer I knew I had to visit this place.

Starck is famous for his quirkiness and Miss KO is no exception, from the evolving image concept to the uv lighting and semi industrial feel, it really was an interior marvel that he could combine such an array of designs and make them work.

I emailed in advance to book our table, as from my research it was quite a popular place for the young french ‘it’ crowd and we could only get a spot at 8pm, bit early for dinner in france but perhaps booking a week in advance for a saturday night was a bit late notice.

If you decide to go, I would recommend possibly booking a later table, when we arrived at 8 the restaurant was quite empty but in the space of half an hour the restaurant was completley full and there wasn’t a single space free, the whole restaurant was buzzing.

Miss KO is just off the Champs Elysees, so is easy to get too and ideally placed for holiday makers like ourselves. Mo and I had mixed reviews on the food, nothing bad of course! Mo felt sushi samba in london had a better quality meal however as sushi goes, Miss KO is most definately up there. We tried a lobster and coriander sushi roll which was my personal favourite (a must try) and their inventive japanese sashimi pizza was also a refreshingly interesting dish.

One thing we must mention is the service we received that night was the best we have ever experienced in a restaurant. Our waiter, whom we named Mr Fab, was the perfect example of being involved and helpful without getting in the way of our romantic evening.

In a place designed to cater for only the coolest of cool people and where a small number of wait staff catered to a full capacity restaurant, Mr Fab made an immense effort to make our evening and Miss KO experience a memorable one.

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