Review: Le Fayan Nile Cruise

  I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve never been on a cruise type of holiday before. One where days are spent living on a boat, travelling to different destinations, hopping on and off to take in some sights. I had visions of kids running riot, squeezing past people…

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The road to Luxor

  Announcing to friends and family that we were headed to Egypt brought about a variety of reactions. Excitement, worry, intrigue, anxiety… I realised that people had very mixed emotions about our next destination. For years the coastal cities in Egypt were holiday hot spots, especially for British tourists. Nile…

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2018 first stop: Egypt

Travel has always been a major part of my life. Not necessarily because I’ve done a lot of it, although I know I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to embark on many trips. It has always been the ‘journey’ that has garnered my interest. The emotions, the experiences and…

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