I left my heart in San Francisco

Well not exactly. In fact, my head and my heart actually battled on the lead up to San Francisco. I don’t shy away from being opinionated and the moment Monsieur Trump stepped into power I vowed not to step foot on American soil. The trip to San Francisco was a…

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Review: Boudin Bakery San Francisco

  There’s no shortage of restaurants to eat at in San Francisco. From the big chains to the quirky cafes, like every major city these days, the variety is extensive. Of course if you’re visiting the US of A, many people like to check into  major corporate venues like McDonalds…

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Why I love working in travel

  When you meet new people, make new friends, as we generally muddle through life, one of the key questions we always get asked is: So… what do you do? It’s a pretty tough question right? When you think about it, in life we all do a lot of things.…

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