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3 months down… 9 to go – #take12trips

April 11, 2016

There are a number of blog posts online that say the best way to motivate yourself into travelling more, is to attempt #take12trips challenge. It’s pretty simple, you just organise a trip away (nationally or internationally) or do something new every month for a year.

When I first read a blog post on it, I knew it would be something I would aim towards from that point onwards. And it will from now remain on my yearly to-do lists.

As March has just flown past (like flown), I thought I’d take a quick look back on how my quarter has gone:



So January was a bit of a slow month. Not one where we visited a new destination, but we embarked on a Younus family trip to London for a weekend.

Maybe not a new place, but I did see a lot of new things, such as The British Museum and watching ‘Stomp’ in Covent Garden (amazing show!!).



Shortest month of the year but the pace started to pick up. Started off in Yorkshire to witness my lovely cousin getting married and Mo and I spent the rest of the month catching up with friends and excitedly planning our trip to Abu Dhabi which was amazing!

New place, family holiday and lots of quality time with niece and nephew.  We also popped into Dubai, its only down the road after all.



Ok March has been pretty busy. After Abu Dhabi we flew back to Jeddah and the second half of our trip was a spiritual one. It was my first time back to the two holy cities – Makkah and Madinah (Saudi Arabia). My first visit back in over 16 years and first visit with my husband and his family. All in all a very beautiful, emotional experience.

After an exhausting two weeks, we only had one weekend of rest before we were off again – this time to Rotterdam with my fantastic four group. My first visit to the Netherlands and I think it’s safe to say I definitely plan on returning again, we had an absolute blast! Can’t wait to blog all about it, but here’s a few cheeky snaps for now:


That’s it so far 🙂


As I write this I’m already starting April having just returned from another new place – Cardiff with #Traverse16 which was fab and May is looking super busy too.

I do have a challenge for June though, as Ramadhan falls within this month – so it’s going to be a toughie finding a place to go that won’t be too tiring.

Any suggestions of places to check out that aren’t too far away from Manchester? Open to all kinds of ideas! 


Thinking of taking on the #take12trips challenge? Well as always Monica from the Travel Hack has you covered with some great advice – click here to read her tips on making it happen

Clare from ‘Need another holiday’ was the lady who inspired me in the first place if you fancy checking her post out too – click here to read her update

If you’re already attempting it, I’d love to hear how it’s going?

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