Taking on the #EarlyBirdChallenge

December 5, 2014

It’s 5am. It’s dark. It’s cold. My alarm might have been singing, but my body was cursing my brain for agreeing to team up with free office finder and take on the Early Bird Challenge. Mo could go to town on how, during the week, dragging me out of bed for work is an impossible mission. I am ashamed to admit I am one of those who set about four alarms (each approximately 15 mins apart don’t ask why as I have no real reason) snooze them all, still oversleep and then have a 15minute mad dash to get ready all the while complaining how late I am.

Nevertheless, this week I had made a commitment so I begrudgingly dragged myself out of bed and downstairs.

Hugo (my cat), looked at me in utter disbelief from his spot on the sofa and was not in the slightest bit impressed by this intrusion so early on in the day.

Hugo was not impressed by the early morning disturbance

Hugo was not impressed by the early morning disturbance

The team at Free Office Finder launched the #EarlyBirdChallenge with a view to teach people about the benefits of waking up earlier and regaining some of their valuable free time. When I first agreed to take it on I was full of plans and ideas of what I could do.

The one I decided to go with was an early morning bout of exercise, something I have always wanted to get into the habit of since putting on a few dress sizes after marriage. With our upcoming trip to Thailand I thought this would be a good way to stop me from kicking into winter hibernate mode and resorting to comfort foods just before our luxury break in the sun.

Needless to say, as I stumbled around in the freezing cold that morning, I was struggling to understand what could possibly be appealing about the whole idea. 

I had woken up an hour early, giving me enough time to get in a 30 minute workout and would leave time to have a good breakfast, another habit I really wanted to incorporate in my daily routine, after all, its supposedly the most important meal of the day, right? The workout I had chosen is one called Body Pump, I had chosen to try it a long time ago to help fulfil one of my 29 things to do before 30: get the ‘beach body’ figure I’ve always dreamed of having.

Weights check. Exercise mat, check. Water on hand, check. Workout video, check. I got myself in position, psyched myself up as much as I could and pressed play. 

looks scary doesn't it?

looks scary doesn’t it?

Thirty minutes later I was passed out on the floor, the biggest smile spread across my very red face. At this point I am already so glad I agreed to this. Not only did I feel wide awake, but I felt good. Like really good. 

Most of my working day is spent sat in front of a computer and I was worried that due to the early start I may begin to fade after my lunch break, desktop screens are notorious for making you sleepy after a meal. I needn’t have worried though. I don’t know whether it was the continuous proud feeling of my morning achievement, or whether I was still revelling in all the endorphins from the exercise, but being deprived of that one hour of sleep wasn’t affecting my work productivity.   

As the week went on, I started adjusting to my new schedule; even Hugo got used to the timings and decided he now wanted to play games in between my workout (I allowed this minor distraction). 

Everyone asks me why, if I’m truly enjoying it so much, do I not just do the workout in the evening when I get home, why bother to wake up at 5? The difference is getting up at the crack of dawn means I have no distractions. No texts. No emails. No ‘there’s something else I should be doing’. Bottom line… there are no excuses. 

I finally appreciate how important a morning can be in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Putting my body through its paces in a morning has boosted my carpe diem attitude and it doesn’t effect all the hundred and one things that need to be done in an evening after work. 

Now that my one week challenge is over, have I been inspired enough to carry it on? 

100% yes! Hey, if I keep this up I’ll not only be able to feel the benefit I should soon be seeing it too, which is a super exciting prospect. 

Besides there’s only 105 more sleeps till my 30th birthday I need to make the most of my twenties! 

“We face 25,000 mornings in our adult lives – are you making the most of yours?”


Anyone have other ideas on what to get up to early morning??? If you suffer from lack-of-morning-motivation like I did I’d recommend giving this a go, it’s totally worth it! For more info on the #EarlyBirdChallenge visit www.freeofficefinder.com

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