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The daunting task of packing light

September 12, 2014

It’s been some time since my last trip abroad and I have been excited about getting out of the country for months. What I haven’t been so excited about, which is really quite unusual for me, is packing for this holiday. On a normal day, I love packing. Love it so much I am normally packed and ready to go weeks before our departure date.

Not this time.

This time I just can’t bring myself to face it. Today is the day before we travel and I am totally unprepared. I’ve been racking my brains all week trying to think why I’m just not feeling it. Today, it dawned on me.

Baggage allowance.

The last time we went on a hand luggage only journey it was for a trip lasting less than 48 hours hours, no problems there as only a couple of outfits required. This time, we are away for 5 days, the trip involves many different elements i.e. Sightseeing, beach, shows etc. and I have to somehow fit it all into a Ryanair sized cabin bag weighing no more than 10kg?? Most people might read this and think I’m being completely ridiculous. I probably am as I haven’t even tried to pack yet but the thought of being restricted is for sure the reason I have put off this task. It’s the same blankness I get when I am faced with writing a postcard and I’m trying to fit in a summary of where I am in a tiny little white box. My trusted carry on has turned into that dreaded tiny white box.

I realised this was the perfect opportunity to utilise the travel blogging community and see what recommendations travellers had on packing light for trips that are longer than a weekend. The most useful post I came across was from ‘the travel hack.’

Monica’s post on her secrets to packing light was the best one I came across from all the sites google threw at me. She broke the process down nicely with some really great tips on how to save space and weight, such as: pack only one or two trousers/skirts or shorts, match them up with lots of light t-shirts, use accessories to dress things up/change outfits and lots more. Her post is definitely worth a read if you’re having a mind block.

After days of procrastinating and hours of research I’m about ready to give it a shot.

As my flight is tomorrow I realise I need to get a grip, bite the bullet, rope in the husband for help, balance the scales and in the words of Nike, just do it.

Wish me luck.

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