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The Dead Good Show, BBC Radio Manchester

January 17, 2019

If you haven’t already heard all the hype I’ve been sharing across social media about my news, well one, where have you been and two the news is that I have somehow magically managed to bag myself a spot as a BBC Radio Manchester Presenter?!?!

Yes I know, I’m as shocked as you that this keyboard warrior is now gracing the Manchester airwaves with her ever so dulcet tones (if you haven’t spoken to me before a quick listen will soon confirm my tone is anything but dulcet).

Thanks to the fabulous team over at BBC Radio Manchester, last Friday I survived my first EVER show presenting, with the help of my fabulous posse and from this day forward (until further notice) I shall be on air 7-10pm.

So, what’s the show all about you might ask?

Well it’s called the Dead Good Show and as you may have guessed, it’s dead good.

It’s on Monday to Friday and every night there is a different presenter. We talk about an array of topics from what’s happened that day, alongside a fabulous panel and we welcome guests based on what our evening represents:

Monday: Simone Riley – Bad Parents Club

Tuesday: Stacey Copeland – Dead Good Cause

Wednesday: Emma Goswell – Sex & Relationships

Thursday: Kyle Walker – Under 30’s Night

Friday: ME – Weekend Guide to Manchester

And of course in between all of the chit chat, we play some great tunes!

Being on radio is a totally new experience for me and you’ll probably notice that as you listen back to the show, I think the nerves did get to me on the first night. Not only have they let me loose on the radio but I’ve even got myself on a BILLBOARD!!! If you’re ever at the Picadilly tram stop, look up and check me out! I’m there with the FABULOUS Dead Good Show crew ❤️

If you didn’t catch it live, no biggie, the BBC Sounds app is aaaawesome and you can catch up on the show there:


Being on the show over the last few months has been one of the most amazing and challenging experiences of my life. I have LOVED every second of presenting the Dead Good Show and the best part of it truly has been the people I have met both on and off air.

One thing that has stuck out which I never fully appreciated, is just how amazing the behind the scenes teams are for any production, and the team we have really are amazing!! (well the whole BBC Radio Manchester crew are – especially our Cathy 🙂 – who somehow saw some potential in me to get me this gig in the first place).

I feel so honoured to be part of the BBC team at Mediacity and from the second I started every single person I come across has been so lovely, I have never seen a workplace like it. I feel like I am now settling into the show, the nerves have ceased, I’m getting more and more confident and really trying to push myself to improve.

And I can’t wait to show this little guy round too one day! Little baby H, the latest member of my crew. My first ever show was on his due date (he didn’t show up) but it definitely made for a conversation starter when I was nervous.

Bottom line – it’s just great that we’re giving voices to people from all over the city and showcasing just how truly great Manchester is!!!

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