Travel Apps I can't live without
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Travel Apps I can’t live without

May 24, 2016

Travel Apps I can't live without

You can’t do anything these days without there being an app that can help you. And unlike when they first became popular, most of them are now free. In the past I used to hoard as many apps as my storage could fit on my phone, but this year I scrapped them all and started over, keeping only the ones I use on a regular basis.

I thought it would be nice to share a few of my all-time favourite travel related apps:






free download available on Apple & Android


A trip management tool to keep all your itineraries in one place. Simply forward any hotel/flight confirmations to the Tripcase email address and they automatically upload all the details into the app for you. There is an option to manually input information as well, I use this option for any road trips or local days out.

One of my favourite features is the ability to share trips with other users. I have my dad registered as receiving alerts for all trips – again tripcase updates his app automatically when I upload anything into mine. This way I know that there is someone other than me that has access to where I am in the world – if anything was to happen I know I can just get in touch with him and he’ll have all the details to hand.






free download available on Apple & Android


When I was in London for the WTM last year I was all over the place in the City, luckily when I arrived one of my best friends made me download Citymapper to help me find the best routes – using any mode of transport available. I found this award winning app much easier to use than any other map product.

The information is real time, the app design is simple and you can even request it to notify you when you need to change stops. Only thing with this one, is you need to have your location services switched on for it to work.






free download available on Apple, Android & Windows phones


Maybe not one that’s as useful, but as a wanderluster it’s one I use all the time. (I can’t help it). The minute I’m thinking of going somewhere I can tap it straight in and find the cheapest flight options. Hotels and car hire are a new part they’ve introduced (not available on Windows yet). We’ve used the car hire a fair bit recently, saved us loads of money on rentals in Abu Dhabi and again in Stockholm.

Their ‘everywhere’ feature is also pretty cool. If you’re on a budget but in the mood for a getaway, this search finds the cheapest flights from your nearest airport, perfect for that last minute getaway.






free download available on Apple & Android – Postcards from £2.99
(can go as low as 99p if you pre-order credit)


My favourite app discovery. I saw a TV advert on Touchnote many moons ago and thought it’d be nice to send my mum and dad a photo-postcard the next time we went away. I knew they’d love receiving a card with one of our own holiday snaps on it, and this one wouldn’t cost me an arm and leg in postage – as all cards are printed and sent locally.




Parents loved it so much, I now send them one from every place we go to, whether we’re away for a day or a week, locally or internationally. I pre-load my credits onto the app so when I’m away all I have to do is upload the photos, add in text, choose an address from my address book and click send.  It’s quick, easy and for the smile it puts on my mum and dads face, worth every single penny.






free download available on Apple & Android


I love lists. I’ve found most bloggers do. I can’t do without writing one and this app is my go to for them. But the main reason I fell in love with Wunderlist over all the other apps out there, is because you can invite fellow wunderlist-ers to share your lists with you.

For example – Mo and I will share shopping lists, so if he’s out and he can pick up a few things, he’ll tick them off and it automatically updates on mine. Genius. Comes in handy with things like packing, stuff to do before we go away, etc. The reminders come in handy too, you can set date and time popups not just for individual items but also for full lists. What more do you need??



Those are just a few of my favourites, there are a few more apps recommended to me which I’m having a play with at the moment – But I’ll have to get back to you when I’ve figured out whether they’re any good or not!


What travel apps do you use? Can you recommend any others??

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