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January 12, 2017


There was so much going on in December, I didn’t even get a chance to write a gift guide. In fact, I hardly had any time to buy any gifts! Marvellous Mo took the reigns and managed to get all the bits and pieces we needed in time for birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations.

As great as it was to have him take care of it, it did make me sad that I wasn’t able to go out and see all the exciting novel products that appear when the holiday season is upon us. Although I’m not a big fan of shopping, I absolutely love buying gifts! So with a number of events coming up in the next few months, I decided to get myself all prepared from now. And during this preparation, I have had my eyes opened to a fabulous website that I’m excited to share with you,

I’m a big fan of personalised, handmade gifts. I love sites like notonthehighstreet and etsy, and I’ve used them both for years, so when I was sent information on uncommon, I was excited to have some fresh ideas to choose from. Not just that, but as I was looking into the company itself, I discovered that uncommon goods have sustainability and care of the environment at the heart of their mission. They love working with artists and manufacturers that utilise recycled and organic products, oh and most importantly they do not sell products that cause harm to people or animals, no fur, no feathers!

I have a number of occasions coming up that require extra special gifts and thankfully there is plenty on offer to cover all of these occasions! There’s a section on gifts specifically for women, perfect for my MIL’s birthday, a section on anniversary gifts perfect for mine and Mo’s upcoming special day. Then there’s G’s birthday, Mo’s birthday and luckily the fab section on home décor will be perfect for finding gifts to suit new home celebrations (not mine).

But of course my favourite products are ALL travel related, I couldn’t help but share a few of the ones I’ve bookmarked:


1. Cork Globe


Cork Globe


My last gift guide featured a pinboard wall map, which my dad ended up buying for me and I love it!! BUT now I also reeeeeeally love this cork globe!! It would be such a lovely accessory for an office, study, lounge.




2. Travel Stub Diary


travel stubs diary


This travel stub diary, may not be for everyone but I know I would certainly use it. Yes I don’t like to keep excess junk as it all builds up and creates clutter etc. But at the same time, I normally have a whole pile of things I do keep from travelling, perhaps because I haven’t had the chance to blog about it yet and I keep it to remind me. At the moment all that stuff lives piled up in a box. This diary would definitely be useful in helping me keep organised! (it’s so cute too!)




3. Anywhere Travel Guide


anywhere travel game cards


Mo and I travel a lot with friends and family. Fantastic four trips are a regular occurrence and these travel cards would be such a fun treat on our trip! Each card has an interactive prompt designed to get you to do something unusual, something you wouldn’t normally do on holiday, sounds like the perfect addition for a group trip away!




4. Wanderlust Cross stitch map



I know I know I’m choosing yet another map! I can’t help it, I love them so much, I look at a map and instantly want to travel, so you can never have too many right? And this one here, well it’s a cross stitch one!?!?! Crafty-travellers dream!! If my sister wasn’t also inundated with maps I would totally be buying this for her!!




5. Automatic Handbag Illuminator


handbag illuminator


A lot of people might look at this and think what a gimmick, who would buy this? ME. I would buy this. Because I must literally spend half my day rummaging through my handbag trying to find usb’s, camera storage cards, pens, tickets, money… my bag is a complete dumping ground and this seems like the perfect addition for my portable black hole.



What travel inspired gifts have you found recently? Are you a map hoarder too?



*** This post was kindly sponsored by uncommongoods, however as always all opinions are completely my own. Please note I only ever agree to sponsored content if I truly like and am inspired by the company, which I definitely was with uncommon! ***

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