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December 3, 2014

I’ve noticed a number of blog and social media posts popping up over the last few weeks showcasing travel inspired gift recommendations for the festive period. There have been so many fab ideas, great for any occasion (or for spoiling oneself) I thought I’d share some of my own travel themed pressie ideas as well as my favourite lists from other sites: 

My recommendations:

Travel Document Wallet

When I became old enough to start organising my own travels, one of the most useful things I was ever given was a travel document wallet. I know lots of people who don’t understand the need but personally, I can’t do without mine! With online check in now a standard practice it’s so easy to end up with lots of paperwork before even getting to the airport. I find the wallet helps keep all my important documentation in one place. Before I go anywhere I like to organise my paperwork in the order we’ll need it with a little note at the top for easy access this way we have everything handy at the necessary checking points throughout our trip (I may have taken document-wallet-organisation a step too far).

Crumpler document wallet - image from www.crumpler.eu:UKCrumpler document wallet inside - image from www.crumpler.eu:UK

I like this by Crumpler, I would always go for one with a zip to secure everything in – much safer and of course inside it has compartments to keep things organised (with more zips!)


Earphone Splitter

If you’re travelling as a couple, or with friends, these things are great. When I’ve been on a flight longer than a couple of hours, there’s only so much alone time I can take before I need to engage with others. When travelling with Mo I’ve always hated not being able to watch a movie together or listen to music and this genius invention lets us both use our own individual headphone set but still listen together, helps us to synchronise our laughs when watching one too many modern family episodes.

Owl Earphone Splitter - image taken from www.prezzybox.com

Who wouldn’t love this?? If you check out Prezzybox they’ve got lots of different ones (not all animal related) to choose from, not too pricy either. 


Charm bracelets

I know, I know… this is a pretty common gift and charm bracelets seem to be everywhere. Many years ago my family got me a nomination bracelet which I love, but there’s not many nice travel inspired charm options for it. I then went off the whole build-your-own-bracelet idea when the likes of Pandora and Links took over the high street and it became like a competition. However I recently came across a wonderful UK based company, El Camino which was made for travellers. Their tag line perfectly sums them up ‘a memory of your journey around the world.’ You can buy ‘steps’ of countries, regions even have your own custom one made to remember a special occasion or event. I love love LOVE them! And I think they would make an excellent gift for anyone wanting to take their travel memories everywhere they go.

El Camino Bracelets - image from elcaminobracelets.com


Battery Pack

So this isn’t the prettiest of gifts, but it can be one heck of a lifesaver. With all the different things you can do on your phones these days it’s so easy to get through battery life before the end of the day, especially if you get yourself lost and need to consult Google maps (that can kill a battery super quick). Emergency packs are a great way to keep your tech gear going – provided you remember to charge it!



Mo and I normally collect all our artwork directly from the countries we travel to. However there is one place here at home I am looking to buy from in the future. It’s not 100% travel related but I still think this could inspire a great gift (even if it is just for you). One of my friends from University days has designed some amazing graphic prints, SY Illustrations, mainly based around sneakers and cars (stay focused the travel part kicks in soon honest). I don’t know whether it’s my graphic design roots screaming out but his world cup flag designs are brilliant! The minute I can create some wall space in the study I would love to commission Sam to do me a collection of flags for the countries we’ve visited. I think they would make an awesome wall addition for anyone with modern interiors (I also love the Rebus ‘sneaker’ series – especially the Air Safari!).



Pin Board World Map

As I have recently been spending a lot of time making travel plans for 2015 and trying to coordinate the best route paths I started hunting for a good world map to proudly mount on my study wall. Luckily my dad had listened to my dilemma and I was kindly gifted a corkboard map. The one I have is 60 by 90cm and is clear enough to distinguish all countries and major cities, just what I needed. Not only do I feel a sense of achievement when I look at the pins I’ve placed on where I’ve been, but having the whole world laid out can be inspirational when you realise just how many places are waiting to be discovered.

Pin Board World map by Global Mapping



My favourite wish lists online at the moment:

My favourite travel blogger, Monica at the Travel Hack, published her wish list a few weeks ago and it’s got some great ideas on there – particularly love the personalised camera strap.



Conde Nast have got a few quirky gifts – the different battery packs on here are really cool




 If anyone can recommend any other ideas I’d love to see them 🙂 I love buying gifts and I’m always on the lookout for inspiration

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