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February 22, 2016



Barcelona as a holiday destination has a lot to offer I don’t think it matters whether you’re there for a weekend, a week, a month… there’s so much to see and do. That’s where the Barcelona travel guide comes in!

A couple of dear friends recently announced they have booked a trip to visit for the first time and I was so excited for them (the kind of excited I’d feel if I was going – I have to keep reminding myself I’m not)

I decided to put together a small travel guide, not only for some of my favourite experiences, but also a few tips and tricks on getting around and where to eat.

Basically its a selection of information from blog posts and conversations with locals typed up into a pdf, suitable for printing or simply downloading to keep on your phone.

And it’s free!

Simply fill out the form below and voila, the guide is yours…


BCN enter details below

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Any feedback you may have (good or bad) would be much appreciated! As I am finishing up guides for other destinations to add to the collection.

So if there’s something super useful you feel is missing, or a part which you feel has been no help at all, please let me know! –

Thank you 🙂

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